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In this era of globalization, the challenges and contradictions of capitalist authoritarianism cross oceans and are reflected in cities half a world away.
For a review of the recent literature, see David Art, "What Do We Know About Authoritarianism After Ten Years?
Bin Ali and other Arab leaders followed suit, and like Egypt's Nasser and his successors, tied women's rights to authoritarianism.
Democracy & Authoritarianism in the Arab World.
16) Others emphasize the cohesion produced by ideological or ethnic similarities among state employees, while still others see states bolstering authoritarianism to the extent that they are flush with natural-resource revenues.
For ease of interpretation, I have arranged authoritarianism scores on a zero to one scale, with one representing more authoritarian values.
With Ahab-like monomania, he discovers that every objectionable conservative Republican action--from "taking America to war in Iraq on false pretenses" to harsh right-wing criticism of the nomination of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court--reflects triumphant authoritarianism.
President of Liberty Victoria, Brain Walters SC, asks what are the origins and probable effects of the new authoritarianism on Australian society?
This list includes "instability, stubbornness, excessive dependence, despotic authoritarianism, exaggerated self-worship, I narcissism, child of alcoholic parents, or dysfunctional family, transvestism, an explosive personality, especially i fit can be linked to serious psychic illness, superficiality, simple naivete, light mindedness, lack of common sense, and incompatibility.
Comparative historical analysis as undertaken by these social scientists addresses historical transformations that change the human condition--revolutions, democracy and authoritarianism, the invention of social policy or social welfare.
We cannot dry up the swamps of authoritarianism and violent Islamism in the Mideast without drying up our consumption of oil, thereby bringing down the price of crude.
because of what he saw as its repressive authoritarianism, sexism, and attempts to fuse church and state.