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But transparency is a double-edged sword for authoritarians. Whatever group monopolizes political power in a dictatorship must control, manage, or limit the dissemination of politically important economic data, which makes it less credible.
And they will continue to die, if democratic politicians do not offer better alternatives than the authoritarians.
Twenty percent are classified as "conditional authoritarians", or those who answered that "under some circumstances, an authoritarian government can be preferable to a democratic one.
However, 20 percent of Filipinos said that 'under some circumstances, an authoritarian government can be preferable to a democratic one'.
As my colleague Jessica Ludwig and I wrote in Foreign Affairs in November, "the democracies' complacency concerning the evolution of malign, sharp power has been informed by their reliance on the soft power paradigm." Analysts who view the authoritarians' behavior in terms of efforts "to boost their countries' soft power are missing the mark and risk perpetuating a false sense of security."
To the contrary, he finds that authoritarians "gravitate to both parties' extremes."
Fear has been long suspected as a core characteristic of authoritarians. According to the original formulation of the theory, the syndrome is a consequence of overly harsh and threatening parents (Adorno et al., 1950).
In this polemical work, Law presents a sustained argument for a liberal, as opposed to authoritarian, approach to the moral education of children.
Goldwater's ghost hovers over Conservatives Without Conscience (Viking), the new study of "authoritarian" Republicans by John W.
We can discern four recognizable leadership styles and their resulting effects on followers: coercive authoritarian, benevolent authoritarian, consultative, and collaborative.
Instead, they merely reversed the authoritarians' conception of things, arguing that the ingroup must alter itself to accept the outgroup, which, apparently, has the right to remain unchanged.
Rejected by the authoritarians mostly on grounds of style, they could present themselves after the War as champions of democracy, cruelly punished for maintaining their beliefs.