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Where the authoritarian demands blind obedience to a doctrine, god, or authority figure, the liberal endorses an approach taken directly from Kant's notion of enlightenment with its emphasis on critical thinking and reflection.
Law argues for the latter, Liberalism with a capital 'L', when it comes to freedom of thought and moral education, while simultaneously holding a more authoritarian (with a small 'a') position as far as freedom of action is concerned.
The benevolent authoritarian cares for people but is caught between caring and being threatened by opposition, especially as differences develop.
In an authoritarian style, one assumes that correct knowledge and wisdom reside in the person of the leader where major decisions should be made (an assumption of the leader, often supported by some or even many of the followers).
To illustrate these themes, Schmitz devotes the bulk of his book to a narrative that not only provides general overviews of policy toward authoritarian regimes for each administration from 1921 to 1965 but also examines in more detail select cases from each period.
The second shift occurred in the post-World War II years, as Truman's initial opposition to all authoritarian regimes shifted in the face of the developing cold war to a more general embrace of such regimes as part of the "free world.
In fact, we have been terrified of the art of the authoritarian states because we fear that its power may seduce us.
Ignatieff might have added that in the Far East, Japan and South Korea are also facing authoritarian pressure from China along with maritime nations like the Philippines and Vietnam as China seeks to establish its unilateral control over the South China Sea regardless of any international law.