authoritative command

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Berard's intertextual references, pertinent annotation, and authoritative command of the field, seasoned with wider references, for example to Derek Walcott and key dramatic theoristpractitioners like Antonin Artaud and Bertolt Brecht, also contribute to the book's success.
Okubo assumed the role of issuing the ''voice from heaven,'' or an authoritative command, around 2000 in determining the winners of biddings for public works projects financed by local governments, a prosecutor said reading out the opening statement.
The distinguishing characteristics of Moran's book are its authoritative command of primary texts, the helpful German translations of key terms, and the historical scope that frees Husserl's works from their Wirkungsgeschichte, that is, "from the accumulated layers of post-Heideggerian interpretation...." (p.
Humanists clearly reject the imposition of dogmatic thinking but must acknowledge the necessity of authoritative command ingrained in the structure of the U.S.
He even has an authoritative command of Chinese pronunciation.
Covenantal life requires transformative participation in and of culture as the obedient response to what is not only God's out-pouring of love but authoritative command to love him in return.
Charles Clarke was respected for his authoritative command of his brief and sense of humour.
Louis came from Marin Alsop's authoritative command of the musical forces, and she received a big ovation from both audience and orchestra.
The book is written in first person singular with the authoritative command of someone who has been in the malacological field for over twenty years.
However, the authoritative command over the material provides the reader with firm guidance and the complementary all-too-brief 'sideways glance' at Austrian and Swiss literature (pp.
By Wednesday's show, Mandel had settled in a little bit better, which is to say he had more authoritative command of his softball questions while chatting up the likable Clint Black.
* The issuance of an authoritative command to comply