authoritative statement

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My specialty has been to make the largest possible fortune in the shortest possible time." Newman made this last remark very deliberately; he wished to open the way, if it were necessary, to an authoritative statement of his means.
Declarations are resolutions of the ILOs member States used to make a formal and authoritative statement.
Perhaps this is time to remind that an obvious case where an authoritative statement by the ICJ through an Advisory Opinion clarifying the legal position on a key aspect of the Cyprus problem, viz the correct interpretation of Article 4 of the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee (first raised by U Thant in early 1964 in the context ofSecurity Council Resolution 186) would have been highly advisable.
The Sri Lankan government, even after the authoritative statement by Lord Naseby in the British Parliament, doesn't seem to have made any attempt to absolve the Sri Lankan military allowing the canard to globally disseminate leading to other issues such as devolution and federal constitution.
"His patience eroded, Raila's authoritative statement today put Matiangi in his place," Lone said in a tweet on Thursday.
[divider] The guide has no equivalent in the United States, in that it contains both an authoritative statement of the Massachusetts law of evidence, and detailed explanatory notes that include annotated summaries of decisional and statutory law.
With this authoritative statement, Baru said there should be no more doubt that judicial power lies firmly in the civil courts.
Mark Hagger's new study makes a significant and welcome contribution to our understanding of the development of ducal rule and is likely to become an authoritative statement on the topic.
It was widely reported, and coming from such a source was an authoritative statement, but who is listening?
Or else he should be immediately and unconditionally released from detention if those who ordered his arrest do not have a case to bring against him before the court," the group added in an apparently authoritative statement.
Der freie Satz, published in 1935, "is widely regarded as one of the major accomplishments of Western music theory" and provides "the most authoritative statement of his final theory" (p.
The TripExpert Score is the authoritative statement of overall quality."