authoritative statement

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Newman made this last remark very deliberately; he wished to open the way, if it were necessary, to an authoritative statement of his means.
Or else he should be immediately and unconditionally released from detention if those who ordered his arrest do not have a case to bring against him before the court," the group added in an apparently authoritative statement.
The TripExpert Score is the authoritative statement of overall quality.
The UN General Assembly adopted a special resolution, for the first time in the history, "on permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan" on December 12, 1995, which has become the recognition of Turkmenistan's peaceful foreign policy, authoritative statement of the country's role as a state that can contribute to the peaceful development of international relations, and provide the general security and steady progress, according to the report.
Haq's authoritative statement on behalf of the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is a clear indication that the World Body itself was in doubt if there were 'any wrongdoing' occurred during the final stage of Sri Lanka military offensive against the separatist/terrorist Tamil Tigers in 2009.
The trustees voted for using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as only one authoritative statement of Catholic belief.
So far, every type certificate data sheet, the FAA's authoritative statement of what a given airplane is, that I've ever seen, and by no means have I seen them all, states [V.
The Atomic Energy Commission (AEC), which comprises a peer group of scientists, had last week come out with the most authoritative statement on the efficacy of the 1998 nuclear tests and no more clarification was required from the Government on the matter, said Narayanan, during an interview to a television channel.
What was the authoritative statement of the balance between her unique intimacy with the divine and her necessary remoteness from it?
After reviewing the information included in the three notifications, FDA proposed to prohibit nutrient content claims for EPA and DHA because "they are not based on an authoritative statement that identifies a nutrient level to which the claims refer, as required by the controlling statutory authority.
This is timely republication by Aboriginal Studies Press of the authoritative statement on the campaign for, and effects of, the most successful national referendum to amend clauses of the Australian constitution in the more than a century since that constitution came into effect.
There wasn't any authoritative statement on virginity.