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But based on his political future, what I can authoritatively say is that his failure to attend the oath-taking, which came two days after his attendance of the NASA People's Assembly rally in Homa Bay County, has cost him politically.
In fact, the quality of analysis in Winning at War debunks the myth that military experience is necessary to write authoritatively on war.
Speaking at the UN session in New York after the vote, Mr Miliband said: "The UN has served its purpose of speaking loudly and clearly and authoritatively and unequivocally.
A rabbi who can rule authoritatively on Jewish laws and practice.
Chris said: "My purpose all along has been not only to save these items from possibly being damaged or destroyed but to allow me to write authoritatively about the amazing Lanchester brothers.
It authoritatively describes 284 families of angiosperms each with paragraphs on key characters, numbers of genera and species, distribution and habitat, family classification, features of the family, natural history, economic uses, and references.
I just wish that there was a global satellite TV channel which reports Africa as accurately and authoritatively as you do.
Authoritatively authored by Peter Davey (late of this parish), with an essay by Kurt Forster, it canters briskly through this well-regarded firm's oeuvre, from the early work at Gateshead and Rotherham, to the inevitable assault on China, with a stratospheric tower in Guangzhou.
OBVIOUSLY, having met Tony Bjair once to discuss the Mirror road pricing campaign, I can now talk authoritatively about the outgoing Prime Minister as a close personal associate.
Kazal authoritatively shows ethnicity is not only shaped by society and nation at large, but is a result of specific settings, or what Kathleeen Conzen has nicely formulated as the "pluralisms of place.
Catholics should refrain from Communion, according to the statement, when they lack adherence to what the Church authoritatively teaches on matters of faith and morals or when a person is publicly known to have committed serious sin (LSN, Oct.
Authoritatively guiding readers through the ideas and ideals of a progressive mentality, Recipe For Success offers a "reader friendly" interpretation analyzing and detailing the essentials (and variations) of what constitutes success and the many attributes necessary for becoming a complete success in life including such factors as planning, purpose, vision, time management, good health, single-mindedness, persistence, learning from mistakes, loving others, and so much more.