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The actual wording of the Liturgy was, and is, the business of the Church, and the Church's Mass is contained authoritatively in the Church's Latin version.
Forni writes authoritatively and engagingly with taut narrative economy.
In accompaniment, he beats a small drum authoritatively and sings in his sonorous baritone, as the men move boldly, each holding a rattle and an arrow, while the women, holding eagle feathers, tread with small, springy steps.
In November 1942, Undersecretary of State Sumner Welles learned authoritatively from the U.S.
Ultimately, I would be forced to admit that all the volumes of Proust were nothing, quantitatively, compared to the 20-minute experience of eating breakfast on a spring morning at a Denny's in Mobile - and that the more authoritatively and extensively I sought to encode such an experience, the more profoundly it was obliterated from the immediacy of memory and transported into the imaginary realm of remembrance, invested with identity, shorn of utility, and polished up as an object of delectation.
In the midst of this continuous conversation, five concrete questions haunt those faithful American Catholics wrestling with the tension between the magisterium's teaching that women cannot be ordained and their own deepening unrest at the seeming injustice of this judgment; and they will need their church to answer these questions--not just authoritatively or authentically, but persuasively--in order to resolve the doubts that continue to linger in their hearts and minds.
Nigerian Tribune authoritatively gathered that the officers simply identified as Abioye and Bayegunni who were allegedly abducted between Iwaraja, in Oriade local government area of Osun and Ipetu-Ijesa breathed an air of freedom on Tuesday night.
First of all, I am yet to authoritatively get to the truth; what we are hearing is perhaps mostly from the media.
PHP 5 Unleashed thoroughly and authoritatively covers the release of PHP 5, as well as advanced topics not found elsewhere in other PHP instructional reference titles.
His experience as an infantryman explains why he can draw a bead so authoritatively on reporters who are impressed to learn that soldiers occasionally train with live ammo.
I can authoritatively put down the curtain on this story.''
The University Singers' performance of the former was robust, sometimes too much so to allow textures to really float, but the clear lines prepared the ear sympathetically for Scelsi's dark-hued but purposeful exploration, authoritatively performed by the New Music Ensemble under the direction of Lee Differ.