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Not only is the level of parental authoritativeness in the second generation not explained by the parenting styles in the first generation, but also were the differences in three parenting styles between the two generations of mothers the most significant with respect to this parenting style.
(48) There is a battle of canons raging at the moment; it is most clearly divided on the authoritativeness of the prequel trilogy--with matters only made more complicated by the first two films of the newest trilogy.
We failed in these cases because we didn't weigh the authoritativeness of results strongly enough for such rare and fringe queries."
Based on previous studies' linkage of general deviance, academic dishonesty, and romantic infidelity through social learning and prosocial values, and the idea that authoritative parenting is a method of socialization that facilitates the transmission of prosocial values, we expected a relationship between increased parental authoritativeness and less permissive attitudes toward general deviance, academic dishonesty, and romantic infidelity.
The latter scale can focus on authoritativeness, expertise, and "trustworthiness" [26].
Winter and Yaffe (2000) reported that authoritative parenting style had a strong correlation with the children's ability to adjust to University life and that father' authoritativeness results in more positive effects than the mothers' authoritativeness on the adjustment.
Authoritativeness of a human right, in law, is sanctioned by legal processes such as codification and judicial proclamation.
Judicial departmentalism has not previously been presented as a conceptual framework for thinking about the authoritativeness of judicial determinations of constitutional law.
As part of a data-driven reporting approach, sensors can broaden the range of stories journalists take on and increase the authoritativeness of their accounts.
It establishes the authoritativeness and relevance of a collection.
However, a harmonious application of permissiveness in combination with authoritativeness produces more desirable outcomes as excessive use of either style may lead to generate impulsive and uncontrolled behaviors among youth.
It is Quora's authoritativeness, Hock maintains, that makes it superior to Yahoo Answers.