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As noted earlier, in those jurisdictions with Crown copyright, this copyright is sometimes asserted as a means of control over quality or authoritativeness.
In doing so, however, it also protected the authoritativeness of its own interpretation of the Free Exercise Clause.
While my informant may have been arguing about specific place names, or specific boundary lines, he or she was also through that articulating a claim to authoritativeness, much in the way that in an on-country field trip, an informant might speak knowledgeably about the landscape or particular sites, thereby exercising an authoritative position.
They have developed an algorithm that assesses the quality of Wikipedia pages based on the authoritativeness of the editors involved and the longevity of the edits they have made.
Ecandar also criticizes some people who likened the Turkish government's handling of the Gezi Park protests to what the army did in Egypt, saying that the Turkish government offers democracy to its citizens, despite Erdoy-an's tendency toward authoritativeness, while the Egyptian army offers a coup.
This "lack of authoritativeness and durability effectively cripples the Internet's ability to tell courts anything of real substance about the reality it purports to depict.
In all likelihood, of course, given the historical primacy of the English language and the long (and uniformly Anglophone) interpretive tradition that has come to surround the United States Constitution, no translation of the Constitution will ever enjoy the same degree of authoritativeness as the English-language original.
The ideas of this prominent and controversial theologian, Hanbali jurist and political figure, survive to this day, hovering around the doctrinal supremacy and authoritativeness of the Quran and Sunnah as well as the early Muslim community.
The authoritativeness of some scientific statements may be chimerical therefore.
But if Belmont should resist the plague, as he would name it, of nonjudgmentalism, in which almost any kind of behavior is excused and understood, should not the public school also resist the prevailing n-onjudgmentalism and try to restore some of the moral authoritativeness practiced in the past and that we see today in many successful charter schools?
278) Professor Robert Kennedy has described how versions of the doctrine turn on two analyses: (1) the degree of a teaching's authoritativeness in the Church; and (2) whether a "developed" expression of that teaching represents a basic translation of the tradition into a new language or context, a new formulation for a previously-unaddressed situation, or a reformulation of what came before, in light of or as applied to new realities.
Further, males try to exude qualities associated with wealth and resources such as ambition, self-confidence, authoritativeness, and status (Buss, 1994; Sadalla, Kenrick, & Vershure, 1987).