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Given these hypothesized links, it appears that attitudes toward authority figures may serve as a mediator between attitudes towards one's parents (the predictor variable) and attitudes regarding 9/11 conspiracy theories (the outcome variable).
vicarious intergroup contact supported by an authority figure providing positive equalizing feedback conditions.
At the center, the boys compete for the attention and respect of two male authority figures at the Muskegon Heights Housing Commission.
When I described him as "the grand old man of English criticism and the authority figure around whom pivots this strange dance of old-school studio artists and new-media practioners," I meant that as recognition of his current importance to a scene over which he has presided for some fifty years.
There exist any number of conceivable reasons for this, though the sources can shed no light here; women may have lacked the inclination, they may have been too busy doing something else, or it may have been easier, in a public forum that was, after all, dominated by male authority figures, to leave it to the males.
Reed introduces hairiness as a visual sign of brutish power through his invention of a white authority figure whose name, a pun, is Harry Sam.
"If you're a non-dependent person, the general feeling is, 'well, I'll have to figure it out on my own,'" said Bornstein.Dependent students, who are predisposed to seek help from an authority figure, will go to a professor and ask for help," he added.
It is through a similar shared-but-subjective process that the dollar becomes a valuable token instead of a pretty piece of paper, that a policeman becomes an authority figure instead of a man in a funny blue suit.
Thus, while American modernists generally get short shrift--Harold Rosenberg merits only an epigraph and a mention; Clement Greenberg several mentions and five pages of text--and writers like John Updike and Calvin Tomkins make what can only be called cameo appearances, David Sylvester, the grand old man of English criticism and the authority figure around whom pivots this strange dance of old-school studio artists and new-media practitioners, weighs in with nine entries.
Positive redirection immediately applied; sometimes a sharp wake-up reprimand is warranted for the parent(s), either from a friend, neighbor, family member, or authority figure.
She argues that "it has been customary to acknowledge the presence of ambiguities in Paradise Lost, but none the less to underestimate their importance." Far from being a "repressive authority figure," Milton is often open-ended and has near-Shakespearean negative capability (5).
In fact, she is given the dominant position in the play, first as the incontestable, unseen authority figure behind the stated action (giving her the equivalent of the absent male position held in earlier plays), then as the dynamic fulcrum of action, and finally as the major grantor of money (her conferral over-shadows those of the Cobb sons E.J.

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