authority to search

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Why, seeing it’s the first complaint under the law, and knowing the judge set his heart on the thing, I thought it best that the authority to search should come from himself.
A search warrant gives authority to search a particular place.
Mr Duterte said his declaration meant that government security staff would be given a wider authority to search cars.
The German decision comes days after the European Union gave its naval force the authority to search suspicious vessels as part of its five-frigate Sophia mission, which is also seeking to break up gangs smuggling migrants to Europe.
It gives police the authority to search any person whom they deem suspicious.
Acceptance of the Additional Protocol is essential to the Big Six and the Iranian negotiators already said in the November interim agreement that they would accept the Additional Protocol, which gives the IAEA more authority to search Iran for nuclear violations.
The Minister made it clear that the relations with shipping companies have been re-organized as well as regulations, licenses and procedures required in order to allow such companies to carry out shipping operations, adding that strict arrangements have been imposed by the Public Mail Authority to search export cargo.
He is alleged to have continued mocking the officers, saying neither the Dubai or Syrian police had the authority to search him.
Placement orders would enable the local authority to search the widest possible pool of potential carers.
For example, the IAEA lacks the authority to search for clandestine nuclear materials in two-thirds of the countries that have signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.
Such tools provided British officers indiscriminate authority to search people's homes and property.
Initially, the CIA used that authority to search for al-Qaida leaders in Afghanistan.