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A CAF number is a unique nine-digit identifier assigned to a practitioner the first time he or she files an authorization form with the IRS.
Some insist the email address domain owner should be held culpable for their authorization of email sources.
Health insurance companies use prior authorization to control the cost of expensive drugs, by making sure they are prescribed for medically recognized uses.
DALLAS -- Grand Hyatt DFW, adjoined to the state-of-the-art International Terminal D at DFW International Airport, today announced that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recently given the hotel authorization to implement a unique pilot program - Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport Access Authorization to Commercial Establishments Beyond the Screening Checkpoint Pilot Program (AAACE Program).
The RCRA final authorization affirms EPA's leadership role in promulgating regulations and New York's competent incorporation of revisions into their RCRA program," said Air and Waste Management Division Director Conrad Simon.
This new authorization, along with the remainder of our previous authorization, gives us that ability.
Under the terms of the agreement, ERC will arrange for the preclinical and clinical trials in Mexico and finance large parts of the authorization process, while Sangui contributes its know-how in the medical, biological and chemical fields.
Advanced Risk Solutions: Visa's new authorization platform supports a host of new, real-time services, including Visa's newest fraud detection tool, Advanced Authorization, which enables fraud detection across payment types, in real-time.
The News-Press has asked the NLRB for a full administrative investigation, including a determination of whether the authorization cards filed by the Union in support of its petition are tainted by coercive management involvement.
The ASCP Foundation will establish an advisory board comprised of nationally recognized experts to review the approach and progress of the prior authorization project.
As early as the second half of 2007, MasterCard's customer banks around the world will process authorization transactions via a single, common interface.
patients must give specific authorization before covered entities can use or disclose protected information for most non-routine circumstances.

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