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To empower another with the legal right to perform an action.

The Constitution authorizes Congress to regulate interstate commerce.

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v. to officially empower someone to act. (See: authority)

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Tracking of prior authorizations for the delivery of dermatologic care was initiated in 2016 at the University of Utah.
Amongst members of the 53rd Legislature who have denied knowledge of authorization are Sinoe County Senator J.
PriorAuthNow's SaaS technology is a single resource to submit, monitor, and complete prior authorizations for medical procedures and products and is used by hospitals, health systems, payers, laboratories, and device manufacturers.
As insurance and provider groups work to improve the prior authorization process "it will be vital that they consider the issue from the perspective of general practitioners as well as specialists, the latter of whom prescribe more of the specialty-tier medications that are subject to more protocols before patients can access these often life-improving medications," Stephen Marmaras, director of policy and advocacy at Global Healthy Living Foundation, said in an interview.
According to the FAA, automating the authorization process will significantly enhance safety for all those sharing the skies.
A CAF number is a unique nine-digit identifier assigned to a practitioner the first time he or she files an authorization form with the IRS.
A new authorization supersedes an existing authorization unless otherwise specified on Form 2848 or 8821.
While an insurer is required to pay benefits directly to a provider "upon assignment by the applicant" pursuant to 11 NYCRR 65-3.11 (a), the word "assignment" in this context is not limited to a prescribed assignment, and indeed includes a prescribed authorization, since, pursuant to 11 NYCRR 65-3.11 (b), a provider demonstrates such "assignment" by submitting either a properly executed prescribed authorization or a properly executed prescribed assignment.
Republicans and Democrats insist they haven't pursued an authorization vote yet because the White House has yet to formally request it.
The University's authorization was annulled last week, following an unscheduled inspection.
The general steps of the work authorization application procedure for a short term stay for non-EU workers are the following: the employer acting on behalf of the migrant worker obtains an endorsement of the Office for Immigration; the migrant worker obtains a long-term residence visa; the migrant worker obtains a work authorization; the migrant worker concludes an individual labor con tract with the employer; the migrant worker obtains a temporary residence permit.
In contrast to an authorization, a declaration of war in itself creates a state of war under international law and legitimates the killing of enemy combatants, the seizure of enemy property, and the apprehension of enemy aliens.

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