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Unlike the phone encryption mechanism, users don't need an authorization code to send a message securely.
In a further test, Tom Hunse, vice president of business development and investor relations, disclosed the authorization code and password for his own card on national television.
Abnormal usage of an authorization code will stand out.
Assign authorization codes randomly on a need-to-know basis.
Once they gain access to a system, phreaks usually sell authorization codes to persons most likely to make international calls: illegal aliens and drug traffickers.
Retailers who choose to participate would only have to keep a transaction authorization code and a truncated receipt without the customers' full credit card number.
The client displays the transaction details for the user to verify and a one-time authorization code generated specifically for the displayed transaction to enter back into the browser.
A text message with a unique authorization code is sent to the mobile phone that lets the consumer send images to the phone.
The Hydra PC implements a Host Authorization Code mechanism, a unique SPYRUS technological breakthrough, so the Hydra PC will only function when used with computer platforms authorized by administrative policy.
The Medical Center's employees travel frequently between the 11 sites incurring authorization code charges at all of the sites.

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