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Again, a tax adviser should use a DA to submit form 2848; form 8655 authorizations cannot be used to access TDS.
Southern Illinois Healthcare will implement the Referrals & Authorizations solution, a feature of the highly customizable emPOWERnet(TM) Provider Portal.
This action by the USPS does not apply to Sharps and in no way affects any postal authorizations or the business operations of Sharps.
This Guide provides a thorough evaluation of pharmacovigilance issues that is essential for all those in regulatory affairs, clinical studies, post-marketing surveillance, and all aspects of the maintenance of marketing authorizations in the EU.
With CMHC/MIS, the LMEs can easily and efficiently accept service requests from their provider networks, project costs and send authorizations for service to the appropriate providers.
Previously, the 2001 and 2002 legislative sessions provided authorizations for total net proceeds of $500 million, now defined as OTIA I and II.
Proposal to renew authorizations of the Board to resolve to increase the share capital, repurchase Nokia shares and dispose them
This authorization, combined with the Company's previously announced authorizations of $800 million, brings the total repurchase authority to $1.
It is not unusual for short-term gaps between authorizations.
MEDecision, Inc, a software and services leader in care management, today announced that AmeriChoice, the public sector health care unit of UnitedHealth Group, has expanded its Integrated Medical Management (IMM) implementation to include Transactioning and Automated Authorizations.
These include passage of short-term authorizations, draw down of unobligated balances and collection of federal motor fuels taxes for two years beyond the current authorization period.