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In view of above, the authorized dealers are advised to take following measures on urgent basis with respect to foreign exchange services (FX Services) being provided by the authorized dealers in terms of Chapter XVII of the FE Manual (Eighth Edition 2002) read with FE Circular No.
As a result, CBAC Authorized Lenders can profitably originate a much greater volume of small balance commercial loans--an important competitive advantage as the residential mortgage market cools.
Authorized $10 billion for ballistic missile defense, and provided additional funding for the ground-based midcourse missile defense segment.
unobtrusive delivery of this information while protecting the privacy and security of communications not authorized to be intercepted; and
Section 101 authorizes the appropriation for grant Foreign Military Financing Program (FMFP) assistance authorized by Section 23, AECA.
Analysis of the extent of authorized generic market share capture during 2 years following launch, by brand value, therapeutic class, and dosage form.
Allowing the Funds to invest in foreign investments denominated in an Authorized Foreign Currency or in U.
Bruce Beattie, CEO of SSWM, stated, "Our working relationship with CFE and UNAM continues to thrive as we are pleased to have two more generating plant projects authorized for cleanup of hydrocarbon and metal contaminants bringing the total authorized work to $6.
By working with network assessment leader Apparent Networks, we are giving our Authorized Toshiba Dealers a solid and proven solution to help them migrate customers to VoIP as smoothly and successfully as possible," said Brian Metherell, vice president and general manager of Toshiba's Telecommunication Systems Division.
PITTSBURGH -- TimeSys(R) Corporation, the leading developer service provider for the embedded Linux market, today announced the launch of a global Authorized Systems Integration Partner (ASIP) program to enable system integrators to provide compelling embedded device solutions to their customers through the use of LinuxLink by TimeSys.
With this first round of the share buy back plan, it will reduce the company's authorized shares to 142 million.