authorized by law

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It also discloses data as authorized by law to governmental and law enforcement agencies.
Although COA did not fault the employees who received the reward, it put the blame on the person who authorized the appropriation of public funds for a purpose other than that authorized by law.
They were also accused of making cash payments to the tune of about N235 million which sum exceeded the amount authorized by law without going through a financial institution.
Allowing Malacanang to suspend Overall Deputy Ombudsman Melchor Arthur Carandang will curtail the of the Ombudsman as the only public official authorized by law to investigate the President, detained opposition Sen.
The Beef Council is authorized by law to collect $1 per head of cattle sold referred to as a checkoff distributing 50 cents to the Cattlemens Beef Board and using the remainder for state beef promotions by the OBC itself.
Manama, May 23 (BNA): In preparation for the forthcoming holy month of Ramadan, a team of specialists has launched a meat inspection campaign targeted Manama and Muharraq meat central markets to ensure its validity for human consumption and that it has been slaughtered in slaughterhouses authorized by law.
This disinformation, she said, led to a crisis of trust between citizens and the public health system and a regression in the number of organ donors, ensuring that all transplantation operations are subject to regulation and are practiced in public university hospitals authorized by law.
Please note that only persons authorized by law may be inside of a polling location during voting.
Santa Clara County Assistant District Attorney James Gibbons-Shapiro told the Mercury News of San Jose that his office does not have a legal basis to appeal the sentence because the judge was authorized by law to mete out the sentence he gave.
The network was authorized by law in December 2014, but so far funding has not been forthcoming.
x201C;Such state sanctions are explicitly authorized by law [22 USC .
It likewise penalizes any person who delivers, gives away to another, distributes or transports any controlled precursor and essential chemical or who acts as a broker in such transactions, unless he or she is authorized by law.

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