authorized by law

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House Bill 4091 has already been introduced that prohibits the exercise of the power of eminent domain for private ownership or control, including for economic development, unless it is specifically and expressly authorized by law by the General Assembly.
The bid security may be submitted in the form authorized by law, ie .
We would be pleased to support legislation that would establish a formula-based mandatory system that will ensure that all veterans, as authorized by law, receive the care they earned by faithful military service to their country.
Service is authorized by law on municipal health care mm 3-2 No.
The Court of Appeals has since decided that because of a sentencing calculation error Sedoma was sentenced to serve approximately 5 more years than authorized by law.
Foreign companies: Confirmation that the company is registered in a trade or business register as authorized by law in the country where the supplier is established
Northrup wrote that these CMD workgroups "are not specifically authorized by law or regulation, do not meet publicly, and are not required to disclose the nature of their deliberations or to justify their decisions.
These new audit committees are authorized by law to hire experts and outside consultants, as they deem necessary for the completion of their duties.
the contract scope includes: removal of the consent speaking saplings of trees and shrubs from the surface of the hills jurassic listed in appendix 7 hereto, including: felling of trees and shrubs, collection and submission of biomass in the prism, accurate removal work area and transport to the indicated place by the land owner ( after setting the speakers of land) or, if necessary, any other place authorized by law at the expense of the contractor.
It is the duty of the ORC to assure the wagering public that drugs or other foreign substances are not administered or present, except as authorized by law.
Under HB 4835, barangay officials' GSIS contribution "shall be governed by the aggregate amount of the honoraria, allowances and such other emoluments as may be authorized by law or barangay, municipal or city ordinance in accordance with the provisions of R.
The action made clear that the Kyoto proviso currently in the bill does not apply to activities that are otherwise authorized by law.