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To empower another with the legal right to perform an action.

The Constitution authorizes Congress to regulate interstate commerce.

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v. to officially empower someone to act. (See: authority)

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This provision will authorize funds transfers from a bank outside the United States that pass through one or more U.S.
The formal process consists of two sequential steps: (1) enactment of an authorization measure that may create or continue an agency, program, or activity as well as authorize the subsequent enactment of appropriations; and (2) enactment of appropriations to provide funds for the authorized agency, program, or activity.
171) authorizes an integrated national observation system to gather and disseminate data on an array of variables from the coasts, oceans, and Great Lakes.
Gonzales dodged that the first time, and when Feingold followed up in a more general way-whether "the President has the constitutional authority, at least in theory, to authorize violations of criminal law"--Gonzales said, "Senator, in my judgment, you have phrased sort of a hypothetical situation."
It authorizes a permanent increase in special pay for duty subject to hostile fire or imminent danger and for family separation allowances, and increases special pays for members of the National Guard and Reserve for enlistment and reenlistment.
Another of the bills approved by Congress simplifies pay rules for VA doctors and dentists, authorizes an alternative work schedule for nurses, and provides special pay for VA nurse executives.
The Senate-passed bill authorizes CPSC to have a full-time equivalent staff of 471 persons, and authorizes spending levels of $60 million for fiscal year 2004, rising to $73.6 million by fiscal year 2007.
If Congress determines that the integrity of corporate income tax returns warrants an expanded scope and higher level of internal scrutiny than is currently required, TEI suggests requiring a company's independent audit committee to annually authorize the chief tax officer to sign the corporate income tax return.
In a bill-payment system, for example, if the consumer authorizes a financial institution to make monthly payments to a payee by means of EFTs, and the payments take place without further action by the consumer, the payments are preauthorized EFTs.
This legislation authorizes $99 million to achieve this goal in the first year.
It may be important to point out that Security Council Resolution 678 of 29 November 1990 authorized member states to use "all necessary means," which includes force, to carry out not only Resolution 660 of August of the same year demanding withdrawal from Kuwait but also "all subsequent relevant resolutions." Does this mean that the violation of any United Nations resolution following the 1991 cease-fire automatically authorizes any member of the organization at any time in the future to use "all necessary means," including force?
2035(e) allows annual exclusion gifts to be made from a revocable trust without inclusion in the gross estate, annual exclusion gifts (or any other gifts) cannot be made under a POA unless it specifically authorizes the powerholder to make gifts or state law grants such authority.