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It looks at the culture of rhetoric for antebellum literary culture and the role that rhetorical concepts, strategies, and performance play in Poe's authorship, particularly his view of literature in terms of effect.
News authorship verification deserves scholarly attention, especially in the current times, when many people obtain news or information from news aggregators (i.e., online news-distributing platforms).
There were significant increasing trends in female first authorship and senior authorship when analyzed according to year (both P < 0.001).
The author have referred so many research papers and articles related to authorship studies of LIS journals to have a clear understanding of ongoing trend of authorship studies and to find out some possible ways to carry out the present study smoothly in a qualitative way.
One of these can be considered a 'new' literacy practice, as it was an exercise in digital authorship, while the other represents a more traditional, print-based literacy practice.
Yet, rather than completing a traditional final cumulative test, teacher candidates in an elementary social studies methods course present their multicultural children's literature texts, which they have created as part of the course's emphasis on media authorship and project-based learning.
Manuscript authorship and author placement have important implications for accountability and allocation of credit.
The definition of authorship, Leung said, needs to be made clear to research authors by journals and editors.
Springer and BioMed Central are retracting 58 articles published across seven journals this week, after a thorough investigation which revealed evidence of plagiarism, peer review and authorship manipulation, suggestive of attempts to subvert the peer review and publication system to inappropriately obtain or allocate authorship.
To the editor, Authors' contributions to medical publications are semi-quantitatively assessed by order of authorship, with earlier listed authors generally having increasingly important contributions.
Although a complete history of the Welles litigation would not suit our purposes here, some brief background on his claims and the courts' rulings will aid our ensuing look at idea-contribution and joint authorship, helping us understand both why Welles lost his bid for a share in the copyright as well as how we might view things differently today.
Since joining Gurtin in 2009, Schuette has demonstrated thought leadership through his authorship and co-authorship of the firm's independent credit research, and developed an analyst training program focused on fostering a culture of continued learning.