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"This is why a trip to the supermarket or a music group can be hell for an autistic child," explains Jessie.
The approach to the autistic child and family needs to be closely co-ordinated (Kirz 2007).
Nahid also says that there is little help available to her as a parent of an autistic child in the UAE.
Parents need to better understand the needs of their autistic child and should try to learn what is new in that field so that they can apply it at home.
The researchers found a weak association between mild T4 deficiency and the likelihood of producing an autistic child, but a strong association between severe T4 deficiency and autism (3.89 more likely, as compared with mothers with normal thyroid hormone).
These private institutions are mainly run by volunteers who have at least one autistic child in their families.
Autism affects information processing in the brain by altering how nerve cells and their synapses connect and organize; how this occurs is not well understood Om Mohammed, the mother of an autistic child, said, "I felt very happy when my son hugged me.
Anyone who has spent time with an autistic child understands that helping him or her to learn and develop into a productive member of the family and community is a daunting challenge.
A DAD was fined pounds 300 yesterday for attacking a man he thought had rung his doorbell in the night disturbing an autistic child.
Mrs.Bilal, a mother of an autistic child said that early intervention was necessary and said that Pakistani experts were capable to handle such children.
Ahmad Al-Zahrani, father of an autistic child, told Al-Madinah newspaper that he traveled to the UAE to seek treatment for his son after he failed to secure him a place at a Saudi autistic center.
The author provides a wealth of ideas that will appeal to the autistic child, including puzzles, music, art and even role-playing.

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