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More than just a conjuncture, this process of the marginalization of autochthons in most cocoa stories is structural.
Let's start with an autochthon university professor, a scholar of Arabic language who became a prominent figure in the so-called debate on the Dutch Muslim communities, interviewed a day after the murder.
26) Mobutu's divide-and-rule politics and economic envy led autochthons and other delegates in the national conference (CNS) to deprive much of the Rwandophone community in the Kivus of its citizenship and land rights, in the early 90s.
This complex belongs to the pre-Caledonian autochthon (Lehtovaara 1988, 1995) and is only slightly deformed by the thrust in the upper part, exhibiting blocks of heavily tilted layering and flexures forming wavy folds.
It is a society with a plural religious spectrum, strong Christian presence (in its Roman Catholic, historical Protestant, classic Pentecostal and autonomous Pentecostal); Afro-Brazilian religions (Candombli and Umbanda, mainly); Eastern religions and other autochthon religious experiences (such as Santo Daime and the Blue Butterflies).
Indem das urtumliche Bild eine stets und uberall autochthon wiedererstehende psychologische Grosse ist, kann in einem gewissen Sinne dasselbe auch von der Idee gesagt werden, jedoch unterliegt sie, ihrer rationalen Natur wegen, weir mehr der Veranderung durch die durch Zeit und Umstande stark beeinflusste rationale Bearbeitung, die ihr Formulierungen gibt, welche dem jeweiligen Zeitgeist entsprechen.
Etymologically, the diatigui designates the autochthon, the one who has always been there and who receives a newcomer.
In the Xaracuu country (and linguistic area), the chiefdom (neaaxa re) is not anymore designated as big clan but as a set of clans grouped around a chief, the latter being not identified as the elder anymore but as an autochthon (among those who made him chief--'qui l'ont fait asseoir') (Demmer 2009: 86).
At the same time, one of the main activities for maintaining and conservation of the autochthon bee Apis mellifera carpatica is the breeding, through the creation bee strain [1,2,3].
Even before deification, Obatala, the autochthon, is quite a world from Ogun and Sango, the 'hot' gods of the pantheon.
In the snake, Ike confronts the epitome of broken rules, not just a semblance of "the old one" who prompted the initial transgression, but a serial category mistake (244): snake and man ("Grandfather"); man and god ("Oleh"); lapsed and prelapsarian (the "feet"); (10) male ("erect") and female ("evocative of all knowledge"); but above all an autochthon, almost indistinguishable from the earth from which it rises (vegetable and reptile).
At this point, it appears clear that length of stay and place of origin--reduced to a simple binary resembling that of autochthon and allochthon - became formally politicized in the struggle for government housing and a legitimate place in the city.