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Relative success also created economic envy and rivalry between them and with other autochthon tribes, which reinforced ethnic tensions, as did the divide-and-rule policies of the Mobutu regime.
This complex belongs to the pre-Caledonian autochthon (Lehtovaara 1988, 1995) and is only slightly deformed by the thrust in the upper part, exhibiting blocks of heavily tilted layering and flexures forming wavy folds.
In the Xaracuu country (and linguistic area), the chiefdom (neaaxa re) is not anymore designated as big clan but as a set of clans grouped around a chief, the latter being not identified as the elder anymore but as an autochthon (among those who made him chief--'qui l'ont fait asseoir') (Demmer 2009: 86).
Even before deification, Obatala, the autochthon, is quite a world from Ogun and Sango, the 'hot' gods of the pantheon.