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Since only the repetition of particular verbals can indicate a certain relevance and regularity, it seems appropriate to use the elements of statistical analysis enabling to determine the statistical significance of a) domain presentation in the LPD and SPD texts, and b) certain concepts in the selected domains at Stage 3 of the study to give the status of LPD and SPD autochthons to certain concepts from other fields.
PFRs are based on recognizing legitimate existing rights, while favouring autochthon conceptions in practice, and on considering the administrative village as the unit of intervention, rather than addressing the issue of spatial inequalities and their challenges.
More than just a conjuncture, this process of the marginalization of autochthons in most cocoa stories is structural.
As regards geology, the research area is located in the Anamas-Akseki autochthon, which consists of carbonates characterized by platform (Pamir & Erentoz, 1963; Senel, 1984; Kocak, 2000).
The second chapter concludes by recognizing that the Politics of Belonging raises the question of the politics of non-belonging, the issue of who is a 'native' (autochthon) and who is a stranger (allochthon), which are at the center of the struggle for power at both local and national levels.
Extensional collapse within basement sections of the autochthon of Variscan orogen was driven by ductile shear zones.
A higher focus on bank institutions, the connections that can be found between autochthon financial institutions and foreign ones, costs with the bankruptcy of an important bank, having activity out of the borders, are just some examples that point out to the necessity of such rescue operations for banks, through public funds.
Besides, this local and autochthon elite of the Northwest region as a rule, firstly, was not mixed with the colonial Russian administration; secondly, by themselves from Warsaw-centered Poles; thirdly, it has stand out against a background of "the silent majority".
Whereas it turned out that the Fortuyn murder had been committed by an autochthon (3) animal-rights activist, and therefore had been so difficult to fit into the post-September 11 clash-of-civilizations framework, the murder of van Gogh was a perfect match.
Kuol said that among the 46 abducted people there was one autochthon from the region.
A khu Rin po che Shes rab rgya mtsho (1803-1875) includes Phya pa's works in his Tho yig, (18) which Lokesh Chandra calls an "autochthon bibliography of books which were already rare or of extraordinary value in the Tibetan world".
The first notice of this complex as a whole has been given, together with a short description, by Radelli and Castro Leyva (1993), who interpreted it as an autochthon. Later on it has been discussed by Radelli (1994, 1995).