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This study shows the wide spectrum of neurologic injuries associated with patients with an acute HEV autochthonous infection.
It wasn't possible to assimilate them despite tremendous repetitive linguistic and forced emigration/immigration policies because they were autochthonous.
Analyses revealed that the wines obtained by fermentation with selected yeasts were very similar but different from those fermented in the presence of the autochthonous flora or in the traditional manner.
13]C values suggested increased importance of autochthonous energy sources compared to the river that used a greater proportion of allochthonous sources as demonstrated through increasingly positive [delta] [sup.
In it he contributes to the study of autochthonous multi-part singing traditions, which are still practiced in many different part of the world, including Africa, South Asia, and Oceania as well as the Balkans.
By the time myth and literature pick up from here, these autochthonous cosmologies having acquired and shown forth the above basic principles of cosmology as hindsight through myths--especially with respect to the first to third mimetic modes--they are no longer the myth and literature which are innocent of past overlays and are subject to the influence of Western cosmology which scholars could easily trace out as having been absolved.
At the Summit in Belgrade on 14-15 June 2012, the Republic of Macedonia assumed from the Republic of Serbia the one-year Chairmanship-in-Office of the South East European Cooperation Process (SEECP), the oldest autochthonous initiative in the region.
BDI expects a vision from the Macedonian political elites, political parties and media in order to overcome the unfounded prejudices and to recognize the reality in the country that the Albanians are autochthonous nation in Macedonia," BDI reacts.
With the persistence of probiotics often questioned, the results of the study, "Comparison of the Colonization Ability of Autochthonous Allochthonous Strains of Lactobacilli in the Human Gastrointestinal Tract.
There is a sliding scale from recent immigrant minorities over autochthonous, recognized groups into area of ethnic extinction.
These pioneers of an autochthonous church ran up against white clergy who, with some exceptions, had absorbed colonialism's smug sense of racial superiority.
The increase of imported malaria cases in last decades, together with the high prevalence of anophelines in many southern Europe regions has enabled the appearance of several autochthonous malaria cases, as recently has occurred in countries like Italy (6), Greece (7), France (8) and Spain (9).