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Here, again, we see a contrary or doubled outlook, to invoke Bakhtin, on the relationship between autochthony and importation.
The perils of belonging: Autochthony, citizenship, and exclusion in Africa and Europe.
Yuval-Davis, 'The dark side of democracy: autochthony and the radical right', Open Democracy, 21.
The first two, located alongside each other in the Acropolis, are seen to offer two different approaches to identity in ancient Greece, and to the symbolic expression of myth, with the Parthenon celebrating superiority over the Greek cities based on democracy and empire, while the Erechteion expresses ancestral superiority founded on autochthony.
After a summary of theories of nation and nationalism, she carefully investigates alternative nationalist projects of autochthony, indigeneity, and diasporism, and she ends the chapter with a brief analysis of feminism and nationalism.
Embodied with this theme would be the questions of foreignness and autochthony, sovereignty, and the practices underlying the political institutions and practices in the 'rajadom' of Sikka, and its environs.
He positioned the Oceanic Negroes at 'the last degree of the savage state' and thought they might 'originate in this part of the world', an insinuation of autochthony that gave credence to the once heterodox but now increasingly plausible idea that human diversity is primordial and organic (1810-29, IV:229, 244, 253).
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Autochthony, ethnicity, indigeneity and nationalism : Time-honouring and state-oriented modes of rooting individual-territory-group triads in a globalizing world.
Arguably, in Nigeria, Muslims and Christians alike have maintained opposing viewpoints so far as leadership religious affiliation and autochthony are concerned.
In Heidegger's own term, it is exactly the atomic age that causes man's loss of autochthony.
de Silva adopted constitutional autochthony or legal nationalism or home-grown constitutional procedures and such like convenient legal theories which suited his purposes.