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It was important to determined how leadership styles related to job satisfaction of teachers and in particular, how autocratic and democratic leadership styles related to job satisfaction.
Former Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, was a poster boy for autocratic leadership.
Witte (2011), for instance, reported that democratic behavior, positive feedback, training and instruction, situational considerations, and social support were preferred significantly more by athletes of individual sports than by athletes of team sports, whereas the latter athletes favored autocratic behavior.
Keywords: Leadership style, Organizational citizenship behaviour, Democratic leadership style, Autocratic leadership style, Laissez faire leadership style
In contrast to Infantino, Salman however would have stood out as a symbol of the perpetuation of FIFA as a pillar of autocratic rule, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa where soccer is an important tool in the maintenance of dictatorships and efforts by states to project themselves in a more positive light on the international stage.
FIFA's autocratic instincts were put on public display when the head of the group's ad-hoc electoral committee, Domenico Scala, who also authored the soccer body's reform package, reprimanded presidential candidate Prince Ali bin Al Hussein of Jordan for criticising Mr.
In my opinion this is probably because Washington finally realized that Turkey will not fully cooperate with the US on national security issues unless it changes its autocratic tendencies at home.
Indeed, within the last three decades, some countries adopted institutions of economic freedom while adopting or strengthening their democracies, others adopted such institutions without modifying their autocratic regimes, and others were unable to do so despite having opened their political systems.
If I were Sir Bob, the panel chairman John Crabtree or Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles, I would be asking why Sir Albert has adopted an autocratic management style by not consulting his colleagues.
an 80-year-old from a secular party who spent decades in politics under autocratic regimes.
New research investigating the fall of dictators has uncovered some interesting data: in the past decade, autocratic leaders have become more vulnerable to popular revolt and less so to insider-led coups, the most common way dictators have exited power in recent history.