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"The Islah Party and the Yemeni Socialist Party communicate and discuss autocratically with the regime and other concerned parties, in an attempt to resolve Yemen's crisis whilst ignoring the other four [JMP member] parties," said Zaid.
The army said violence at the protest was caused by elements "that backed the counter-revolution" - an apparent reference to those loyal to Mubarak, who ruled autocratically for 30 years.
Prime Minister Yanukovych, elected a year ago, favours Moscow and Russia in foreign policy and religion and recently autocratically moved three parishes from the Ukrainian Orthodox to the Moscow Patriarchate, in the old Russian style of treating the Orthodox Church as a Department of State (CNS, "Step forward for Catholic-Orthodox relations?" (National Catholic Register, Feb.
Pashas, khedives, sultans, kings, colonial proconsuls, colonels, and generals have taken turns ruling it autocratically and ruthlessly.
But Egyptians in Wales fear their homeland, which has been ruled autocratically under emergency law since 1967, has a long and bumpy road ahead.
Of course the weakness in autocratically imposed decisions is that they are less likely to be sensitive to their impact on other people and systems at lower levels.
Their machinations provide a lens through which to observe part of the transition of New South Wales from an autocratically governed penal colony to a democratic society, a transition which bristled with factional contests for voice in both government and public opinion, as established colonial values and social structures were threatened and reshaped.
They indicated high use of routine checks of subordinates, moderate use of periodic evaluation of stock, regular meetings with staff, erring staff are reprimanded, and adopting a liberal supervisory style having values of 3.13, 2.86, 2.74, 2.69, and 2.56, respectively, indicating acceptance of the approaches, while 3 of the items, handling subordinate with levity, adopting a laissez-faire attitude, and enforcing laws autocratically having values of 1.76, 1.59, and 1.86, respectively, indicating very low use of those approaches.
On the other hand, his work destroyed viable communities; he wielded his powers autocratically and didn't much pay attention to anyone else's views, especially the people who lived in neighborhoods he proposed to tear down; and he seemed to care more about the movement of cars than the well-being of people and communities.
"Dr Martin was not exercising any form of compassion when he autocratically decided some of his patients were better off dead," he said.
Blinder (2004) has characterized the Fed's policymaking body as an "autocratically collegial" committee, implying that the autocrat who heads the committee may act to suppress dissent from public view.
Do we want adults who are more placid, malleable, and susceptible to manipulation, propaganda, and more accepting of autocratically imposed belief?