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The low ranking of enforcing laws autocratically, adopting a laissez-faire attitude, and handling subordinates with levity is understandable, because those styles prevent harmony and good leadership in the working place.
On the other hand, his work destroyed viable communities; he wielded his powers autocratically and didn't much pay attention to anyone else's views, especially the people who lived in neighborhoods he proposed to tear down; and he seemed to care more about the movement of cars than the well-being of people and communities.
Dr Martin was not exercising any form of compassion when he autocratically decided some of his patients were better off dead," he said.
Nelson is appalled by the treatment of hundreds of thousands of contingent faculty (adjunct and non-tenure-track faculty), by the way research agendas are determined by corporate interests, by administrators who autocratically rule universities and ignore faculty input, by "unbridled faculty careerism" and "unionization that has been stripped of its social agendas" (266).
The French policy, like any extreme measure of control, stems from a profound fear of losing all control; the Republic that now behaves autocratically, having been born with the Revolution and having repeatedly collapsed at the hands of the Reaction, fears (unconsciously perhaps) for its life.
Do we want adults who are more placid, malleable, and susceptible to manipulation, propaganda, and more accepting of autocratically imposed belief?
Moses' adoption of a monotheistic God had huge political ramifications, for it created the universalistic thinking necessary for instituting imperialism: "In Egypt monotheism had grown--as far as we understand its growth- -as an ancillary effect of imperialism; God was the reflection of a Pharaoh autocratically governing a great world Empire" (80).
17) Arsen'ev argued that by attempting to coordinate autocratically the distribution of aid, the center stifled local initiative and made the relief measures counterproductive.
Finally, with respect to the UK monetary policy framework, the classification of monetary policy committee types by Blinder (2007) into autocratically collegial, genuinely collegial, and individualistic varieties has particular saliency.
Nothing is done autonomously, autocratically, or without multiple consultations.
A third component, the degree to which a population accepts the state's legitimacy to rule, is not necessarily essential to a state's existence; history is filled with examples of states ruling autocratically and with relative success without public support.
Royal supremacy was aided by a weak legal framework for legislative control over the crown, allowing Simeon's grand-father, the German-born Prince Ferdinand of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, to establish a strong personal regime and rule autocratically between 1887 and 1918 in spite of the liberal spirit of the constitution (8).