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The low ranking of enforcing laws autocratically, adopting a laissez-faire attitude, and handling subordinates with levity is understandable, because those styles prevent harmony and good leadership in the working place.
The role of the Chairman in setting monetary policy: Individualistic vs autocratically collegial MPCs.
A third component, the degree to which a population accepts the state's legitimacy to rule, is not necessarily essential to a state's existence; history is filled with examples of states ruling autocratically and with relative success without public support.
He noted that it is difficult to name any poor democracies that have escaped that trap, but relatively easy to come up with examples of autocratically governed countries that have grown fairly successfully.
This "assured them an apprenticeship in political life that the Muslim masses, who were governed autocratically, lacked," Brague writes.
Mayor Brubaker autocratically warned us that in two years city streets, without repairs, would be impassable.
He was accused of behaving autocratically as the leader of the AKP and the government.
Gandhi autocratically ruled India--imprisoning her opponents, barring protests and strikes, and suspending civil liberties.
52) Kefaya argues that "the political parties are partly responsible because they acquiesced to the restrictions on the one hand and have been autocratically run from within on the other.
Counseling theories should not be allowed to autocratically impose the way that time is narrated within counseling processes.
Moscow also has started reasserting itself in relations with the other former Soviet republics, and Putin has, somewhat autocratically, reasserted his government's control over the private sector and provincial governments.
Employees are more autocratically managed and as a result are intrinsically more insecure.