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As a result, economics rather than politics will also seal the ultimate fate of the Arab spring, a code word for the crisis of confidence in the system and in leadership that has helped autocrats in the Middle East and North Africa retain or regain power and has fuelled populism, nationalism and the rise of the far right across the globe.
However, we have to recognise that a fascination with the democratic almost often coexists with a deep curiosity about why the autocrat endures.The arrival of Bobi Wine is, therefore, opportune because it comes at a time when Museveni has become something essential to Africa's politics the stereotypical Big Man, with awkward moments (spitting into a napkin on TV or peculiar fashion sense), violent moods and strange statements.
One example of a problem personality is the autocrat: a person who insists on full control over the entire environment, from personnel to projects, barking out orders and insisting on immediate compliance, with no second guessing.
We know that Kim is a tough, ruthless autocrat who is willing to kill his own relatives.
There are a range of possible options that autocrats can use to tip the electoral scales in their favour.
But Putin's ambitions as a post-modern autocrat may be his Achilles' heel.
Kyrgyzstan voted in a landmark presidential election on October 15 which saw peaceful transfer of power in the Central Asian region mostly run by autocrats.
Rodrigo Duterte was invincible in Davao City as local autocrats are in their own turfs.
Precious few are the countries that have not, at one time or other, been ruled by fiercely tribal autocrats with weak administrative skills and size-12 egos jammed uncomfortably into size-4 souls.
Pluralism by Default: Weak Autocrats and the Rise of Competitive Politics
After World War II, Asia was ruled by many autocrats who essentially came to their people and said, "My people, we're going to take away your freedom, but we're going to give you the best education, infrastructure and export-led growth policies money can buy.
The UN, which is supposed to be a platform where safeguards to fundamental rights should be protected and cherished, rather than those who systematically violate them, is losing credibility by conferring legitimacy to autocrats as the likes of Al-Sisi.