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The purpose of this study was threefold: 1) to identify which semester of an upper-division baccalaureate nursing program is associated with the highest test anxiety; 2) using participants from that semester, to determine if an intervention including diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and autogenic training assists students control their physiological responses; and 3) to determine if relaxation training decreases test anxiety.
The purpose of autogenic training is to promote adequate and healthy responses of body and mind and to eliminate inadequate and unhealthy reactions.
Psychophysiological effects of autogenic training and progressive relaxation.
Autogenic training reduces anxiety after coronary angioplasty: a randomized clinical trial.
Autogenic training evolved out of the research of brain physiologist Dr Oskar Vogt who in the 1880s found that some patients were able to put themselves in a self-hypnotic state which seemed to have positive effects on their recuperation.
Also fascinating were sessions on nontraditional methods of healing as practiced in the Middle East, Far East and Brazil, and descriptions of psychotherapy and autogenic training in Japan.
Relaxation training: utilizes biofeedback, progressive muscle relaxation, autogenic training and guided imagery to achieve a state of relaxation incompatible with insomnia.
Relaxation is also learned in yoga, meditation and, very effectively, in autogenic training classes.
Also, more than 50% of the sample reported "never" using autohypnosis, autogenic training, blank meditation, bracing, color, cue words, mantra meditation, and Transcendental Meditation (C).
The third step is to take control with conscious eating and stress management, including abdominal breathing and autogenic training techniques.