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Autogenic training may be suggested to someone experiencing symptoms of visceral imbalance due to stress.
In the beginning phases of autogenic training, awareness is directed to sensitizing the sensory circuits of the extremities.
During the fourth intervention session, the students were taught autogenic training techniques.
AUTOGENIC TRAINING The final training session was autogenic training.
A quantitative and qualitative pilot study of the perceived benefits of autogenic training for a group of people with cancer.
Subsequent univariate F-tests for autohypnosis, autogenic training, breath control relaxation, blank meditation, bracing, centering, color for mood altering, cue words, focusing externally, focusing internally, goal setting, imagery/visualization, mantra meditation, music for psych-up, music for relaxation, positive selftalk, progressive muscle relaxation, performance recall, Transcendental Meditation(c), and thought stoppage were nonsignificant with F (1, 145) .
Schultz developed autogenic training to remove signs of tension and disturbance.
Visualisation works on a more conscious and active level and, combined with Autogenic Training, will help reduce any stress or worry.
The effects of thermal biofeedback and autogenic training of cardiovascular reactivity: The joint USSR-USA behavioral hypertension treatment project.
Guidelines in cultivating general relaxation: Biofeedback and autogenic training combined.