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Yet there was never a twin born in to this world that did not carry from birth to death a sure identifier in this mysterious and marvelous natal autograph. That once known to you, his fellow twin could never personate him and deceive you."
"Upon this haft stands the assassin's natal autograph, written in the blood of that helpless and unoffending old man who loved you and whom you all loved.
"I have studied some of these signatures so much that I know them as well as the bank cashier knows the autograph of his oldest customer.
Now take these two pantographs of B's autograph, marked five months and seven months.
"Now then," said Wilson, "I have here the natal autographs of the two children--thrown up to ten times the natural size by the pantograph, so that anyone who can see at all can tell the markings apart at a glance.
"Here, thrown up ten sizes, are the natal autographs of the two persons who are here before you accused of murdering Judge Driscoll.
[Tom's eyes were starting from their sockets--yes, it was a cruel day for the bereaved youth, everybody thought.] We will return to the infant autographs of A and B.
I only show it to you as an interesting historical document, containing the autographs of a few artists and poets.
A large black and white photograph of Ali, with his autograph in blue pen, also from 1971, sold on Thursday for 650 euros ($733).
With crickets chirping in the background at the annual 4th of July celebration at Exline, Iowa, George Eddy and jon Dorman patiently wait for the throngs of fans clamoring for their autographs after appearing on the cover of the February 2018 issue of Farm Collector magazine.
The Autograph distillery is located in Distillery Road Bosman's Crossing, Stellenbosch and has the youngest distiller in South Africa, Matthew Beech.