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Looking in turn at the autographic subscriptions then at the large letters, he considers such topics as the laboriousness of letter writing in antiquity, the Greek literary letter-writing tradition, Paul's letter writing in the light of contemporary epistolary conventions, "with what large letters" in Galatians 6:11, letters in various languages excavated in eastern Judaea, and Greek letters excavated in Middle and Upper Egypt.
Picture Taking with the Kodak 3A Autographic Kodak, Instruction Manual.
According to her entry in The Autographic Mirror, O'Neill was raised in indigence and as a girl could be seen "running barefoot about the streets" ("Eliza O'Neill" 29).
For example, Dollinger, Urban, and James (2004) reported positive and significant correlations between TCT-DP scores and the ratings of a number of measures including the Consensual Assessment Creativity Ratings, autographic individuality, narrative creativity in the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) stories, and the two Adjective Checklist-based creative personality scales that were developed by Domino (1970, 1994) and Gough (1979; Gough & Heilbrun, 1983).
It captures a loosely defined style or a genre of autographic representation sometimes used, for lack of any other term, to describe the whimsical and obscure and sometimes appropriated for commercial marketing purposes that ultimately have very little to do with doodling.
The Royal Library bought the correspondence of the Belgian composer Jean-Theodore Radoux (1835-1911), a letter from Gretry, and the autographic manuscript of La jeunesse de Gretry of the Brussels pianist and composer Felix Pardon (1851-1921).
The team will hold an autographic session after the match.
Single serum samples collected from all these patients within 48hours of admission was subjected to the following serological assays--dengue NS1 antigen ELISA(Panbio), dengue IgM ELISA((NIV Pune), dengue IgG ELISA (Novatech), chikungunya IgM antibodies MAC- ELISA(Panbio), Widal tube agglutination test(Span diagnostics), Leptospira IgM antibodies ELISA (Panbio), Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax antigen Parahit FandV(Span diagnostics), Weil Felix tube agglutination test(Tulip diagnostics), Orientia Tsutsugamushi IgM and IgG antibodies Rapid monochrome autographic test (SD bioline).
The queen's autographic note provides the proof which results in a happy, peaceful kingdom; stability lies in the authentication of the fruit of the woman's womb, much as it does in The Winter's Tale.
The 1939 Universal Edition based on the autographic printed score (U.
As for the autographic poem "A Tortola" (see Amor y Vazquez, 11-32), which I have transcribed in part, we know of several printed versions with different titles: "Rosa gitana.
The philosopher Nelson Goodman has explained that representations can be delineated into two kinds: allographic (works that are based on a notation that exists outside the representation itself) and autographic (works that have no antecedent notation and exist as singularities)--and that only autographic works can be forged.