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Here, thrown up ten sizes, are the natal autographs of the two persons who are here before you accused of murdering Judge Driscoll.
You may read them; the mere autograph of such a man is interesting.
That Tennessee village would set up a monument to Billings, then, and his autograph would outsell Satan's.
But there it is; quite in your way: a murderer's autograph.
Michael's pear-tree, near which he always passed at nightfall: the circumstantial evidence appeared so strong that Dominicus doubted whether the autograph produced by the lawyer, or even the niece's direct testimony, ought to be equivalent.
They talk of affinities between the autograph and the character: what affinity was there here?
Red and Black character, Catch-word and No Cypher; wherein consult, also, marginal notes in the autograph of Stuffundpuff, with the Sub-Commentaries of Gruntundguzzell.
We saw also an autograph letter of Lucrezia Borgia, a lady for whom I have always entertained the highest respect, on account of her rare histrionic capabilities, her opulence in solid gold goblets made of gilded wood, her high distinction as an operatic screamer, and the facility with which she could order a sextuple funeral and get the corpses ready for it.
A collector recently bought at public auction, in London, for one hundred and fifty-seven guineas, an autograph of Shakspeare; but for nothing a school-boy can read Hamlet and can detect secrets of highest concernment yet unpublished therein.
The famous Smith-Mortimer succession case comes also within this period, and so does the tracking and arrest of Huret, the Boulevard assassin--an exploit which won for Holmes an autograph letter of thanks from the French President and the Order of the Legion of Honour.
I received from him the following autograph reply:--
The letter was an autograph one of a few lines only, and dated from a village in the North of France--