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Asif added that cinema act was revised in 1979 when it was made ordinance and both 1876 cinema autography act and 1979 ordinance were in practice.
Autography in Fun Home takes narrative from the dual model of story and discourse into a third dimension and beyond.
Framing the issue in terms of autography versus autobiography, Luciano argues that the writing itself becomes an aspect of the construction of female subjectivity.
When Penny asked Rod to sign a friend's autography book at that London nightclub, she could not have envisaged the huge part she was to play in his life.
Liz Stanley takes issue with all the feminist postmodernist theories that tend to remove the 'bio,' refocusing the emphasis from the writing of one's life to the writing of one's self: autography.
The pages are well laid out and generous as to spacing, and the autography is clear and easy to read.
The remarks came at the launch of an autography of the late Bizenjo, organised here Tuesday evening by the Policy and Planning Group (PPG).
Amid such works of varying autography, one can only regret the absence of the profile relief of Christ in the Kimbell Museum.
for autography "makes the writing itself an aspect of the selfhood the writer experiences and brings into being.
Porter 1988 Autobiography, Autography, Fiction: Groundwork for a Taxonomy of Textual Categories.
Are they a variation of traditional medical case history; should they be grouped with simple autobiographies and biographies; or, more pointedly, do they deserve their own appellations, labels such as autography, anthropography, or autopathography?
Coetzee's autography, his fictioneering, however, is always so masterful that we can surely apply Foucault's (1984:102) observation to it.