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Without the NOC, no cinema owner could apply for the renewal of the license, he said adding that in cinema autography rule 1876, the deputy commissioner was an authority for renewal of the license.
Unlike the tendency of modern scholarship to assume a division between hidden authorial meaning and explicit narrative content, autography entails the convergence of author, narrator, and written expression.
Most of these creative photos have Robert in rabbit suit with chicks surrounding the designed image; one showed Rob in his suit happily signing an autography with rabbit ears to remind us of Easter; another pictured Rob being eaten by a bad rabbit with hideous set of teeth; a picture of Rob holding a basket with colourful eggs is one to note of; and he looks gorgeous in a photo sitting side by side with Mr.
Tools like Autography make book signing possible even in the e-book world.
The multiple levels introduced by comics art and intertextual references in Fun Home draw in the reader of autography through means that are not available to traditional autobiography.
Coetzee's autography, his fictioneering, however, is always so masterful that we can surely apply Foucault's (1984:102) observation to it.
I remember Cliff coming home on leave from the army and, when he walked past me, I shouted to him asking for his autography, and he obliged me.
Hull, "The File: Agency, Authority, and Autography in an Islamabad Bureaucracy," Language and Communication, 23 (2003) p.
Discounts were found only for small books, like books about the autography of the Prophet's companions.
Porter Abbott has described it with respect to Beckett: "what autography also means in Beckett's case is an art of extreme vulnerability.