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The AutoLoader can be readily integrated with all current Appleton core cutter models, except for the $210 Semi-Automatic Core Cutter.
Because the software is customized, or "tuned," to automatically recognize and configure the autoloader, end users are able to reduce implementation time to minutes and eliminate configuration errors.
A REV-based autoloader accomplishes two highly desirable goals in a single stroke: it eliminates the frustrations associated with tape, and it reduces the backup window for more efficient management of the network.
1 or higher required to view User Manual and download Iomega software Autoloader Drive Interface: * Dual SCSI, LVD Ultra-3 wide SCSI, 68 pin HD Connector Price and Availability
Choose an autoloader if it fits your uses, preferably one with a camo finish and a barrel no longer than 28 inches fitted with steel-shot-tolerant choke tubes.
In addition, enhanced features, such as WORM support, ADI architecture, and a barcode reader, make the StorageLoader LTO-3 the most compact, complete, and affordable LTO autoloader on the market.
The AIT autoloader protects over 200GB of data on the Center's Ethernet network of three Windows 2000 servers and 50 workstations.
The LTO8200 autoloader delivers storage capacity of up to 3.
I consider Magtech's budget autoloader a welcome addition to the rimfire ranks.
The release date of the autoloader products has been set for some time in March 2004.
But because a high-capacity external hard drive can hold more data than a typical tape, backups to a hard drive can run unattended without requiring the manual insertion of additional tapes or the purchase of a more costly tape autoloader.
Built to fit any standard rack-optimized server environment, the Gateway 810 Autoloader is only 2U in size, yet can hold either one or two complete autoloaders in a single chassis.