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He said the government also directed the licence holders to convert their automatic weapons into non-automatic weapons, apply for new licences and deposit their automatic weapons along with Rs50,000 per automatic rifle and Rs20,000 per automatic pistol/handgun with the concerned authorities.
He said Pakistan was only country in the world where ordinary people were given licenses of automatic weapons.
Surveys indicate that participation and contribution rates are significantly higher in plans that use automatic enrollment; see, e.
To encourage the use of automatic enrollment, employers that set up such systems (and meet certain rules) do not have to meet nondiscrimination tests that normally apply to employee deferrals and employers' matching contributions.
Gerstmeier felt the answer lied in upgrading its current automatic molding line to improve productivity and quality while reducing scrap.
Units have automatic registration capability and are fast and easy to set up.
The design of this automatic bead-apex line is said to meet all requirements regarding ergonomics, flexibility and quality, while the overall efficiency of the system is said to be very high.
Wagner continued, "The figures quoted in sales brochures for fuel economy, emission levels and 0-100 km/h acceleration times are the next obstacle to overcome when selling a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission.
Supporting a 50,000-word rich vocabulary, this software realizes automatic speech-to-speech interpretation of travel conversation through the development of a new parallel speech recognition method (note 2*) for single-chip processors with several CPU cores, and a compact, lexical-rule-based, machine translation engine that unites dictionaries with grammar (note 3*) that is operable on small devices.
40 automatic has become a popular cartridge for law enforcement by offering some of the benefits of both the 9 millimeter and the .
22 to an automatic fuel surcharge that will boost motor carrier revenue in times of wildly fluctuating fuel prices.
Employees still have a choice under automatic enrollment about whether to participate, but they must inform their company of their intention.

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