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An involuntary act such as sleepwalking that is performed in a state of unconsciousness. The subject does not act voluntarily and is not fully aware of his or her actions while in a state of automatism. Automatism has been used as a defense to show that a defendant lacked the requisite mental state for the commission of a crime. A defense based on automatism asserts that there was no act in the legal sense because at the time of the alleged crime, the defendant had no psychic awareness or volition. Some American jurisdictions have recognized automatism as a complete, Affirmative Defense to most criminal charges. An Insanity Defense, by comparison, asserts that the accused possessed psychic awareness or volition, but at the time of the offense, the accused possessed a mental disorder or defect that caused them to commit the offense or prevented them from understanding the wrongness of the offense.


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Users opting for the Premium monitoring plan get video-verified alarms sent directly to the monitoring station for automatic action when they are unavailable.
Rogge confirmed that Kenteris' failure to attend a drugs test in Mexico last year would not be counted as one of the two ``non-shows'' required for automatic action under the IOC's own disciplinary code.
It is an automatic action, what happens is because of bad posture they constrict the lungs and they only use a quarter of their lungs.
The 24/7 designed for military and law enforcement applications features the BT2 steel spear pointed blade with a buffered full automatic action, safety lack, and a non-reversible black matte clip.
Anyone exceeding the thresholds will face automatic action but officers can still use their discretion in the 'gap' between the legal limits and the thresholds.
Subject to the award of this contract is the performance of after-sales maintenance and repair of 55 (fifty five) electronic truck scales, owned by the Customs Agency, covering activities warranty technical maintenance of truck scales with automatic action by performing all activities defined in the manufacturer of automobile scales, according to the period of operation and their functional load in order to ensure their good condition, safe and reliable use them.
5-inch black spear-pointed steel blade with 40 percent serration, a buffered full automatic action and a safety lock to prevent accidental blade release.
But the reason 1441 was passed unanimously last November was precisely because it carried no automatic action.

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