automatic reaction

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Contract Awarded for One set of automatic reaction device for laboratory use
The Nuns head coach said: "I think the automatic reaction would be to be disappointed, but we need to look beyond that.
It's not stupidity, it's an automatic reaction after being in a very abusive relationship.
This is when the automatic reaction kicks in, often bypassing the conscious mind, and rational thought, altogether.
It can test your automatic reaction to what you feel when you see a certain stimuli," explains Dishman.
Lately, I've been wondering if this is an automatic reaction, or a result of the way we were raised.
Defending the downing of the warplane on Tuesday, Erdogan said Turkey did not destroy it on purpose, saying it was nothing but an automatic reaction to a border breach, an exercise of the rules of engagement.
It all happened so quick, it was my automatic reaction with me being a care assistant and a mother, instinct took over.
I felt shocked, I just remember my heart started pounding and my automatic reaction was to run.
I love refereeing and I love football but it's an automatic reaction.
But if you live a few minutes' drive from the shop and you go home and realise you've forgotten to pick up a bottle of milk, it's an automatic reaction to pop back there.
One learns to bring the experience fully into awareness so that many types of distress that would have provoked an automatic reaction, such as eating, can be tolerated.

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