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In a mid- to large-scale storage environment, process automation can provide that help, consistently implementing and enforcing the rules.
As a result, it is helping VARs build a Tape Automation Practice to more effectively bring the following break-through tape automation products to the SMB marketplace:
By combining the leading edge Run Book Automation solutions of RealOps with Opsware's IT Automation and utility computing software, customers will be able to extend procedural automation and policy compliant process orchestration throughout their data center.
Effective immediately, Larry Coble has been promoted to the position of Vice President and General Manager, Energy Automation Solutions, and will oversee the operation of the new EAS organization.
Likewise, in a Storage Area Network, tape automation subsystems can be attached via a Fibre Channel bridge to a Fibre Channel hub or switch that, in tum, is connected to multiple servers and disk subsystems.
In the United States," Zeigenfuse said, "Advanced Automation will continue to provide the same level of manufacturing technology solutions, support and service - in control systems, manufacturing execution system (MES) deployment, and technology support services - that has been the hallmark of our company for more than two decades and," he added, "earned us '2007 System Integrator of the Year' honors.
The migration performed by a storage management automation system must be transparent to the user.
com/reports/c50787) has announced the addition of the new Frost & Sullivan Report "European Clinical Diagnostics Automation Markets" to their offering.
While the effort to convert to forms automation may seem terribly complicated at first, there are only a handful of issues that need to be understood.
Metso Automation will provide automation for the rebuild, including a metsoDNA process automation system, PaperIQ quality management system for the coater, and a metsoDNA process automation system for the entire PM4.
Integration with the new Opsware Network Automation System 6 to provide visibility into dependencies between servers and network devices, automatically resolve network-server configuration mismatches, and share change history information for quick isolation of application problems

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