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As part of UNH-IOL's Automotive Ethernet Test Services, the new 1000BASE-T1 testing represents a first step in a comprehensive test suite for 1000BASE-T1 Ethernet addressing the growing interest from the automotive industry, as well as emergent inquiries from industries such as aerospace, rail and shipping.
Among the innovations unveiled publicly for the first time is the suite of BroadR-Reach, 100Base-T1 and 1000Base-T1 compatible automotive Ethernet bundlesproviding automated set-up and testing for Tx, link segment and Rx connectivity and protocol decoding.
3 automotive Ethernet family, enabling a new generation of applications and connectivity, said Steve Carlson, chair of the IEEE P802.
The resulting information is transferred afterwards to other ECUs via common automotive bus-systems, like CAN, FlexRay or Automotive Ethernet (see [1, p.
The draft IEEE standards for Automotive Ethernet utilizing 100Mbps [1] and 1Gbps [2] physical layers propose economically and performance promising technologies for such applications.
Interfaces include WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, USB-to-Ethernet, CAN, CAN-FD, Automotive Ethernet, Debug ports, JTAG, User applications and Software defined radio.
And finally, automotive Ethernet and serial bus testing is available from Keysight's latest BroadR-Reach Compliance solutions.
Automotive Ethernet networking is derived from the eponymous computer networking technology, and is being adopted by Automotive OEMs around the world.
Ruetz's test lab will include Spirent's Automotive Test Platform with support for BroadR-Reach[R], the automotive Ethernet physical layer interface standard.
By leveraging automotive Ethernet as the network backbone, security features such as device/message authentication and message encryption protect the car from malicious attacks and installation of non-service-approved devices.
Spirent Communications Plc, an industry leader in test and measurement, today announces the launch of the first Automotive Ethernet Protocol Conformance & Performance Test System with the new 1000BASE-T1 physical layer standard.
It complements 88Q2112 automotive Ethernet physical layer transceiver to provide a complete wired and wireless connectivity solution for the connected car.

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