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noun arrest, ban, bar, barricade, blockade, bondage, brake, bridle, captivity, caution, censure, check, confinement, constraint, containment, control, curb, custody, damper, deprivation of liberty, detention, deterrence, deterrent, disallowance, discipline, dissuasion, durance, embargo, forbearance, forbiddance, guardianship, hamper, hindrance, holdback, impediment, impedimentum, imprisonment, incarceration, inhibition, interception, interference, limitation, moderatio, moderation, obstacle, obstruction, opposition, prevention, prohibition, proscription, repression, reserve, restriction, self-control, self-denial, servitude, shackle, slavery, stay, stop, stoppage, suppression, taboo, temperance, veto
Associated concepts: combination in restraint of trade, connpiracy in restraint of trade, prior restraint, restraint on alienation
See also: apprehension, arrest, bar, barrier, bondage, captivity, censorship, check, cloud, coercion, commitment, composure, compulsion, constraint, continence, control, custody, damper, detention, deterrence, deterrent, disadvantage, discipline, disincentive, durance, embargo, estoppel, fetter, force, handicap, hindrance, impediment, incarceration, incumbrance, injunction, lien, limitation, moderation, obstacle, obstruction, prohibition, propriety, quota, restriction, retention, servitude, stay, temperance, veto

RESTRAINT. Something which prevents us from doing what we would desire to do.
     2. Restraint is lawful and unlawful. It is lawful when its object is to prevent the violation of the law, or the rights of others. It is unlawful when it is used to prevent others from doing a lawful act; for example, when one binds himself not to trade generally; but an agreement not to trade in a particular place is lawful. A legacy given in restraint of marriage, or on condition that the legatee shall not marry, is good, and the condition alone is void. The Roman civil law agrees with ours in this respect; a legacy given on condition that the legatee shall not marry is void. Clef des Lois Rom. mot Passion. See Condition; Limitation.

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We found that young children might acquire the motor skills to unbuckle from restraints before developing the cognitive ability to understand the necessity of automotive restraints," said Lilia Reyes, clinical fellow in Yale School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics.

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