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Alonso, "Atrial fibrillation associated with autonomic dysreflexia," American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, vol.
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Evidence of autonomic dysreflexia during functional electrical stimulation in individuals with spinal cord injuries.
Patients with NDO from spinal injury should be evaluated for risk of autonomic dysreflexia. The urologic nurse is also a vital team member in patient education regarding the procedure itself, including the outcomes and possible adverse effects that could be expected.
We are unaware of any scholarly literature regarding chiropractic care, spinal cord injured patients, and autonomic dysreflexia. Theoretically it is possible that all afferent stimulation below the lesion may induce a dysreflexia reaction.
* The patient complains of an intense headache indicating a cerebrospinal fluid leak or autonomic dysreflexia related to the surgery; the nurse must recognize these signs as possible complications and implement interventions to resolve the situation.
Prevalance and etiology of autonomic dysreflexia in children with spinal cord injuries.
Also discussed were the concerns with autonomic dysreflexia when blood pressure elevation needs to be monitored, regularity enforced, and the maintenance of soft formed stool.
This report discusses the diagnosis and management of autonomic dysreflexia. A 19-year-old man presented with an acute quadriplegia secondary to anterior spinal artery thrombosis He required admission to the intensive care unit for ventilatory support and developed autonomic dysreflexia within 72 hours of his first symptoms, due to paralytic ileus with distension of the bowel.
This autonomic dysreflexia can be caused by bladder distention, infection, sunburn, ingrown toenails, or tight garments.
The former mechanic suffers from autonomic dysreflexia, an anxiety-related condition which can lead to a heart attack.

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