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The Autonomic Logistics family of systems will enable Marine Corps ground tactical equipment, such as Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles, to autonomically monitor and report health and logistics needs to key decision makers from fox hole to rolling stock to flag pole.
The managed services industry is on the cusp of a shift from classical labor arbitrage models to more autonomically enabled delivery models; partnering with Cisco, the industry standard in network technologies, is a critical step for IPsoft in continuing to lead this transformation", Dube said.
0 specialty version within the project of the Center of Innovation Technology, (CIT) moreover because in a second layer, the CIT will autonomically expand in, and contain more demographic economic areas within economic frame programs.
Updates to these charts are performed autonomically and automatically.
By running on the Citrix Access Platform, a company's IT infrastructure can autonomically sense and respond to a wide diversity of access scenarios to deliver truly secure access to information on-demand to virtually any user, using any device, and in any setting.
Enigmatec EMS delivers a grid solution for Scalable Policy-based Management which enables business processes to be deconstructed, decoupled, distributed and autonomically managed within a highly distributed, diverse runtime environment in a location and platform independent manner.
RVS represents advanced servo technology that autonomically compensates for vibration caused by multiple disk drives operating simultaneously.