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Staying true to the autonomist tradition, the author recognizes that "proletarian movements" must "make use of cybernetic communication" in their struggles against capital, but only if it is at the same time against the technologies as well.
The Zapatista struggle has gained much renown among autonomist leftists throughout the world, and is considered a successful model of engaging international solidarity.
The fundamental criticism of Puig's traditional autonomist thinking, exposed by the neoconservative vision of Escude, is that it led to the international isolation of Argentina and to an unnecessary conflict with the hegemonic power.
While Rabinovitch does a fine job of conveying the internal complexity of the Jewish struggle for autonomy, he could have offered more analysis of the Russian imperial context, especially since one of his key arguments is that Jewish autonomists emulated the "Russian movement to create a self-governing public sphere and national life independent of the state" (p.
France's continued economic difficulties, and the general disenchantment with traditional political parties, will only feed autonomist support in Corsica.
In fact, a new piece by Marco Fusinato, From the Horde to the Bee [2015], explores this legacy: It consists of a one-to-one reprinting of every copy of the literature of the Autonomist, labor, and anarchist movements in the library of the Milan-based Archivio Primo Moroni.
The imminent entry of the United States in the war provided an opportunity for the Puerto Rican majority political party (the autonomist Union party) to secure reformist gains from US Congress among them a popular-elected Senate, American citizenship, and the elimination of the anachronistic Executive Council (a remnant of the early colonial period).
Bemporad pays special attention in her book to the Bundist autonomist and cultural legacy in Minsk.
New Forms of Worker Organization: The Syndicalist and Autonomist Restoration of Class-Struggle Unionism.
But Goldstone is no naive autonomist, either, arguing that such a position risks a pedantic literalism that assumes modernists really thought their work had nothing to do with the world around them.
Radin's book is an autonomist manifesto, in that it identifies the normative and democratic degradation" that boilerplates impose.
Puerto Rican autonomist leaders criticized La Vida for its stunted interpretation of Puerto Rican history and because they feared the book would perpetuate negative stereotypes of Puerto Ricans.