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Autonomists, for the most part members of the creole landholding class, desired a self-governing Puerto Rico that would be an equal partner in a Spanish federation.
115) Autonomist philosophy thus emphasizes the self-sufficiency of the proletarian masses, their ability to conceptualize, produce, and organize their own forms of struggle--their fundamental autonomy from the command of capital.
through the use of autonomist concepts, images, narrated events, life stories, or emotions), for their behaviors or life conditions; then (b) pointing out the information concerning situational constraints that is being ignored in this blaming; and finally (c) emphasizing the harm and injustice that result from this omission and the blaming that follows.
Interestingly, Burelle shares many of the critical judgments concerning the evolution of the Canadian federation found in the contemporary studies faithful to the traditional Quebec autonomist interpretive canon by such authors as Pelletier, Brouillet, and Seymour.
The concepts of autonomy, interdependence, and mutual aid that are central to autonomist movements are articulated in projects such as the Freedom Center and the Icarus Project contribute to the development of broader anti-psychiatry, psy survivor, and mad liberation movements.
In October, federal troops tried to retake control of the Viru Viru airport in the departmental capital city of Santa Cruz after autonomist protesters seized control of the facility.
He engages quite masterfully with anarchist, Marxist, and liberal traditions before transitioning to poststructuralism and finally locating himself within postanarchism and autonomist Marxism.
For a perspective on the autonomist feminists, see Margarita Pisano, "Mirar desde afuera.
Instead of referenda, the ADQ wants to make their ramshackle jurisdiction "the Autonomist State of Quebec.
But the overall trend was clear; feeling that they had more common interests with the Dukes of Burgundy, the urban political elite gave up the autonomist aspirations they had defended during the fourteenth century.
The fact that most of the groups which made up the S-11 coalition are autonomist and grassroots means that local and national issues remain their priority.
1) Fernando Buesa Blanco was killed, with his Basque autonomist police (Ertzaintza) bodyguard, Jorge Diez Elorza, in a car bomb explosion in the Basque capital of Vitoria.