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A few years later, autoptic specimens (formalin-fixed lung, kidney, and adrenal gland tissue) were tested (for legal reasons) at the Immunology and Infectious Disease Laboratory of the Anna Meyer Children's Hospital by using rPCR; all specimens were found to be positive for N.
14), can obliterate the ecorche's anatomised condition to render him/her a playful participant in the autoptic game.
Ironically, there is more to this unnaturally lively, self-proffering, autoptic ecorche, as can be noticed already in the title page of Vesalius's Fabrica, an engraving otherwise rightly celebrated for its metaphorical and theatricalised statement of the purpose and means of early modern anatomy (Sawday 66-72).
While relying on "they say" instead of "I saw," Lahontan's dialogic epistemology nevertheless functions in similar ways to those autoptic texts.
Admittedly, the fictitious and the hyperbolic jostled the more scientific features emphasized here; geography, especially under the name of cosmography, would long support a number of traditional fictions, as well as new ones created by the imagination and the intoxication of the autoptic vision.
Molecular analysis is particularly valuable when only autoptic paraffin-embedded patient material is available.
Indeed, MeHg interference in microtubules is consistent with neuropathologic findings in the autoptic brains of full-term newborn human infants from the Iraqi outbreak, who were exposed in utero in early phases of pregnancy.