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A few years later, autoptic specimens (formalin-fixed lung, kidney, and adrenal gland tissue) were tested (for legal reasons) at the Immunology and Infectious Disease Laboratory of the Anna Meyer Children's Hospital by using rPCR; all specimens were found to be positive for N.
(1) In the case of early modern anatomy, not only is the physical violence against the admittedly dead body downplayed, but the condition of the very subjects of dissection is altered beyond (self-)recognition, with consequences for the advent of the early modern autoptic vision (in Jonathan Sawday's terms) (2) W.
In humans, a slightly different pattern of expression was found in autoptic normal pituitaries.
(3) Martha Gever, 'The Spectacle of Crime Digitized: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and Social Anatomy', European Journal of Cultural Studies, 8, 2005, 445-63; Sue Tait, 'Autoptic Vision and the Necrophilic Imaginary in CSI', International Journal of Cultural Studies, 9, 2006, 45-62; Elke Weissmann and Karen Boyle, 'Evidence of Things Unseen: The Pornographic Aesthetic and the Search for Truth', in Michael Allen (ed.), Reading CSI: Crime TV Under the Microscope in CSI, I.
Aronica et al., "Switch in the expression of mGlu1 and mGlu5 metabotropic glutamate receptors in the cerebellum of mice developing experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and in autoptic cerebellar samples from patients with multiple sclerosis," Neuropharmacology, vol.
A previous study showed that myocardial expression level of VEGF mRNA was significantly decreased in STZ-induced diabetic animal models, and a twofold reduction in VEGF was observed in autoptic ventricular specimens from diabetic patients compared with nondiabetic subjects (24).
(45) Sue Tait, 'Autoptic Vision and the Necrophilic Imaginary in C.S.I.', International Journal of Cultural Studies 9/1 (2006), 45-62.
Renal leiomyoma is a rare benign tumour with autoptic evidence of 4.2% to 5.2%.[sup.8] In a recent review developed by the J.
An autoptic study performed on 140 ultracentenarians, showed the presence of various types of cancer in 16.3 per cent, as compared to the average elderly showing 39.0 per cent, and there was a lower aggressivity of metastases (24.0 vs.
While relying on "they say" instead of "I saw," Lahontan's dialogic epistemology nevertheless functions in similar ways to those autoptic texts.
Admittedly, the fictitious and the hyperbolic jostled the more scientific features emphasized here; geography, especially under the name of cosmography, would long support a number of traditional fictions, as well as new ones created by the imagination and the intoxication of the autoptic vision.
Terms such as "objective," "tangible," and "visual" should be discarded, along with "autoptic proference" (a Wigmore classic).