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Aiding; ancillary; subordinate; subsidiary.

Auxiliary or ancillary administration is the management and settlement of property belonging to a decedent that is not located where he or she was domiciled. It is subordinate to the principal or domiciliary administration of the decedent's property that occurs in the state where the individual was domiciled. Auxiliary administration ensures that any local creditors will be paid before the out-of-state property will be transferred for distribution under domiciliary administration.



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The Auxiliary also holds a biannual Heirloom Sale featuring donated antiques that have been professionally appraised.
Strategies for increasing return on auxiliary services are as varied as the institutions that implement them, but there are some common themes: detailed P&L evaluations combined with the benchmarking of peer operations; use of outside contractors to run segments such as food service or bookstores; utilization of private sector approaches to customer service; and increased attention to marketing--particularly of services that reach beyond the campus.
Given the sources available, principally union journals and other official publications, we have heard disproportionately from brotherhood and auxiliary leaders on the unions program of temperance rather than from the railroading rank and file.
But, you should expect the auxiliary to set goals, submit reports, and make a visible contribution.
In 1948, an Anniversary Party was held to mark 21 years of the Auxiliary, at which foundation members Mrs A.
The auxiliary galvanometer, thermal emf compensator, auxiliary standard-cell dial and the three keys in the circuit with the auxiliary galvanometer, all used only occasio nally, are placed behind the indicators and the main dial.
"The Auxiliary's presence out there made a real difference, and those caregivers are developing lifelong friendships that extend well beyond the TEE Tournament," said National Adjutant Marc Burgess.
And over the years, Junior Auxiliary has awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships and donated more than 160,000 hours to the community.
You'll find the auxiliary fuel hose stored behind the generator's battery access door.
A world-class leader in technical services and auxiliary products including heating & cooling systems, size reduction, automation and material processing.
Richard John Grecco, 56, Auxiliary Bishop of London, has been appointed Auxiliary Bishop of Toronto, which has a Catholic population of 1,600,000 served by 403 diocesan priests, 470 religious order priests, 129 permanent deacons and 828 religious sisters and brothers in 223 parishes and missions.
Sony's implementation of Auxiliary Memory is contained in its Memory-in-Cassette (MIC) architecture introduced with the AIT technology in 1997.