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Aiding; ancillary; subordinate; subsidiary.

Auxiliary or ancillary administration is the management and settlement of property belonging to a decedent that is not located where he or she was domiciled. It is subordinate to the principal or domiciliary administration of the decedent's property that occurs in the state where the individual was domiciled. Auxiliary administration ensures that any local creditors will be paid before the out-of-state property will be transferred for distribution under domiciliary administration.



See: abettor, accompanying, additional, adjunct, affiliate, appurtenance, appurtenant, associate, backer, clerical, coactor, coadjutant, cohort, collateral, colleague, confederate, consociate, contributor, contributory, copartner, expedient, expendable, inferior, instrumental, ministerial, nonessential, participant, pendent, reinforcement, secondary, slight, stopgap, subordinate, subservient, subsidiary, substitute, supplementary, unnecessary
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The Navy currently owns and operates about 70 berthing and messing barges, some of which, including auxiliary personnel lighters, were built during World War II, Shimooka said.
Finally, the choice for many children and their families is not dental treatment by dentist versus auxiliary personnel or ART versus amalgam but rather dental treatment delivered by auxiliary personnel using ART versus no dental services or inferior dental services, such as extractions of decayed teeth.
outline auxiliary personnel roles and responsibilities
Contract award notice: Surveillance and security services and auxiliary personnel services in the buildings and facilities of the university of granada, Located in granada and melilla
Three teams and two additional auxiliary personnel were sent for a total of eight personnel.
Contract notice: provision of the reception service and general information to taxpayers by auxiliary personnel in the treasury department, for a period of two years
NL team of professionals includes search and rescue workers, doctors and nurses, structural engineers, auxiliary personnel and managers.
Contract notice: Service of the multi-function auxiliary personnel that is necessary for the normal operation of the headquarters buildings of the AMB and its users.

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