avail against

References in classic literature ?
cried Jinjur, in despair; "for how can our knitting-needles avail against the long spears and terrible swords of our foes?
The Goths awoke, joining in the fight, but all their swords were of no avail against the ogre.
But he said nothing, for words do not avail against fate.
No pose of detachment could avail against the warm waves of that voice.
Agamemnon led them on, and slew first Bienor, a leader of his people, and afterwards his comrade and charioteer Oileus, who sprang from his chariot and was coming full towards him; but Agamemnon struck him on the forehead with his spear; his bronze visor was of no avail against the weapon, which pierced both bronze and bone, so that his brains were battered in and he was killed in full fight.
However, the medicine did not avail against the disease.
Last man out Krishna smashed a superb 80, having earlier taken 3-33 - but it was to no avail against revitalised Rowlands CA.
Westminster YTCA deployed eight bowlers to no avail against Rihan's onslaught.
GAME OVER Shota Grigalashvili of FC Zestafoni celebrates scoring with Irakli Dzaria ARMED COMBAT Lisburn Distillery's Gary Thompson battles to no avail against Zestafoni last night
AERIAL DUEL: Below, Robert Huth climbs high; NO WAY THROUGH: Tuncay, above, and Marlon King, right, battle away to no avail against Stoke; DESPAIR: Boro concede, above, and leave a fan in anguish, right
But they were to no avail against a resolute Morley, whose forehand winners down his opponent's backhand and whose speed helped him punish any wayward returns.
In this connection, I could argue conclusively that the dogma that man-made carbon-dioxide emissions are the cause of rising global temperatures, is a load of eye-wash, but it would be of no avail against this huge remote body of lawmakers.