avail oneself of

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In the book "(https://www.amazon.com/Wicked-Wit-Queen-Elizabeth-II/dp/1782433651) The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II ," royal biographer Karen Dolby claimed that that the Queen Mother once told Her Majesty to always sit down during public engagements and to avail oneself of toilet facilities whenever the opportunity arises.
The intensity of devotion to the Black Nazarene can be attributed to the "Filipino interpretation of imitating Christ, of doing something to avail oneself of His mercy." Grasping the local term "Awa ng Diyos" helps one understand the reason for our existence, and why blessings come our way at various times in our lives, even when all our sinfulness makes us undeserving.
Also, there is no more need to apply for a senior citizen ID once you reach 60 years old, since the national ID includes the date of birth, which is all that is needed to avail oneself of benefits and privileges.
5A:20(e).<br />"Theends of justice exception isnarrow and is to be used sparingly when an error at trial is clear, substantial and material.In order to avail oneself of the exception, a defendant must affirmatively show that a miscarriage of justice has occurred, not that a miscarriage might have occurred,"the appeal court stated inMichaels v.
To avail oneself of the offer, customers have to purchase with their Doha Bank Visa Infinite credit cards a minimum of two cinema tickets and up to a maximum of six tickets (including three free tickets) per movie session.
And the beautiful nature of Cyprus in spring will revitalise and relax you," suggest organisers, who promise that the next five weeks is the perfect opportunity to avail oneself of an opportunity to become "acquainted or reacquainted with the island's rich flora and fauna and it's unique geology".
Based on the current state of the law, it is critical for a party to avail oneself of the opportunity to challenge the legal sufficiency of a proposal for settlement at the proper time to avoid being bound by the law of the case.
"Even though we cannot say that the [intended] wall along Turkey's Syrian border will definitely violate this right, it will make it hard for one to avail oneself of this right," Ecorabatyr said.
To be called an immigrant in the United States, or any other country for that matter, one has to avail oneself of the legal process of immigration and its requirements.