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Like several of Westchester's most recent large availabilities, though, the Altria space is not expected to remain part of the county's availability for long due to its image cache and commitment from new ownership RPW Group to million of dollars in renovations over the next year.
In today's world, High Availability is actually a subset of the broader Managed Availability, along with Disaster Recovery, Improved Availability and Continuous Availability.
With better performance at a lower price, easier management and near flawless availability, the Unisys ES7000 is attracting customers eager to benefit from a move to standardized systems.
The number of customers deploying mySAP Business Suite on Linux is growing rapidly, and high availability clustering is a critical element for ensuring business value," said Paul Adams, president and CEO of SteelEye.
The dual-port characteristics of SAS address this challenge by eliminating single points of failure, enabling the design of high availability systems.
There was over 555,946 s/f of positive absorption Downtown during the fourth quarter of 2003 and the availability rate fell from 15.
Content security is an indispensable part of every organization's perimeter defenses, and availability and performance issues must be dealt with," said Bob Hansmann, director of product marketing at Trend Micro.
11, companies feverishly sought to offset costs by releasing surplus space, flooding the market with availabilities at time when demand was extremely low By midyear 2002, sublease space had grown to 18% of the county's total availability.
Constant system availability for server clusters, the Internet infrastructure, and rapidly growing telecommunications applications are now the top priorities for mid-market computer systems also.