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A cast of your skull, sir, until the original is available, would be an ornament to any anthropological museum.
For my part, I should be sorry to think that there was nothing between Anthony and Cleopatra but an economic situation; and it will require a great deal more evidence than is ever likely to be available, thank God, to persuade me that Tiberius was as blameless a monarch as King George V.
Directly opposite to him came a strange one-horse vehicle, evidently rigged up by soldiers out of any available materials and looking like something between a cart, a cabriolet, and a caleche.
While I was away at college she drained all available libraries for books about those who go to London to live by the pen, and they all told the same shuddering tale.
Usually it is done quite easily, as by your wearing too many garments or too few, but if you are bumpy in awkward places or the only available tree is an odd shape, Peter does some things to you, and after that you fit.
There were no stones or rocks available, but along the shore she found quantities of driftwood deposited by the river at a slightly higher stage.
Harnish," Guggenhammer said, "if you exceed your available cash, or the amount you care to invest in the venture, don't fail immediately to call on us.
Fortunately for me, my father lost a lawsuit just in the nick of time, and was obliged to scrape together every farthing of available money that he possessed to pay for the luxury of going to law.
The most available version of The Bruce in old "Inglis," edited by W.
Bishopriggs piously closed his available eye, and held the cover firmly on the dish.
I hope that the list of available inexpensive editions of the chief authors may suggest a practical method of providing the material, especially for colleges which can provide enough copies for class use.
Sir Joseph's fortune could be made available, in the present emergency, in but one way--he might use it to repay his debt.

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