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Technical "Hotline" is available to answer any questions about use or handling of these crucibles.
Dewpoint monitoring available as is the Power Miser 1 energy saving system, which regulates the carousel indexing and regeneration heaters to conserve power when the dryer is operating at less than rated capacity.
Data are from the Survey of Current Business, which is available on the web site of the U.
2,875,000 (by Title VI), to remain available until 30 September 2002, is earmarked for the countries of the Balkans and southeast Europe.
A position is available to study the function of the ShcC adaptor protein in the regulation of signal transduction cascades controlled by tyrosine kinases.
They expand the disclosure requirements for these exempt organizations--except for private foundations--and put an increased burden on them to make the documents available to the general public.
In Norwalk, more available space is expected next year.
The NPJH-8 is perfect for youth and intermediate ages and is available in sizes from SS-Small-XX-Large.
Target distribution date: 1993 (Materials to be available at cost of production.
The gourmet cakes are available in gift-wrapped packages of six 4 oz.

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