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Samsung 55-inch 4K UHD TV available for $499.99, Original price $699.99
Black & Decker HPL10RSK Cordless Reciprocating Saw Price pounds 129.99, available from B&Q
Process development laboratory available for trials.
State Passthrough Entity Checklist, not yet available.
A commercially available N95 respirator requires a fit factor of 100 to be considered adequate in the workplace.
Available: http://cspinet.org/integrity/press/200412091.html [accessed 3 October 2005].
* Backup Recovery configurations (RPO/RTO > 12 hours) are simply recovering a server from the last available backup copy.
Flower Picture pounds 24.95 Available from The Pier Bed Linen pounds 68-Double Douvet pounds 12-Single Pillow Case Available from Debenhams
Section 331 permits the award of contracts for firefighting functions at military installations or facilities for periods of one year or less, if the functions would otherwise have to be performed by members of the armed forces who are not readily available due to a deployment.
Hard copy is available of the TAPPI Test Methods, which includes all of the TAPPI Official Test Methods, Provisional Test Methods, Classical Methods, and Standard Practices that are part of the set on the day that the customer's copy is printed.
Each box is about 8" x 6" x 3" and costs $84, available at www.fddesigns.com.
Internet availability on college campuses and at government research labs in the 1980s meant that telnet was widely available and that it created new possibilities for information dissemination.

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