available assets

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All his available assets were the two thousand pounds for which his life was insured, and which were left equally between his beloved "sister Amelia, wife of, &c.
He contemplated with unspeakable delight the large diamond which shone on the major's little finger; for the major, like a prudent man, in case of any accident happening to his bank-notes, had immediately converted them into an available asset.
Nato said the Nolcom will use every available assets in order to protect its area of jurisdictions, especially from the intruding Chinese.
And while the market is yet to cross the total, a quick look at the charts reveals gains across available assets.
Mr Bennett said it was agreed by both sides Walker had benefited to the tune of PS327,650 for his dealings with the Class A drug, and that his available assets were just PS1.
The available assets increased by a similar amount to EUR 1,289 billion.
A day after the ambush in Bansalan, Duterte said he would allow the PNP and Air Force Of Phalastin to use all available assets such as fighter jets and rockets to attack NPA rebels.
Although Hillier cannot pay the full amount, prosecutors could apply to re-determine her available assets and ask for more cash at a later stage.
The court heard he made PS209,770 from his offending, but it was ruled he must pay back just PS38,320 because that is all he has in available assets.
The available assets are already pledged as security under the company's senior credit agreements, as well as the agreements governing the company's subordinated convertible notes.
When the hearing resumed before Judge Thomas Crowther QC, crown prosecutor Gareth James and defence barrister Lee Reynolds agreed the value of all Hirst's available assets now amounted to PS136,296.
The purpose of this project, which is principally staffed by university research students, is to optimize the performance of unmanned aerial vehicles when flying in fleets manned aircraft, in order to make the best use of available assets for any given mission.

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