available means

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It emphasized Saudi Arabia's continuing fight against terrorist acts and activities supporting them with various available means.
Article 7 provides: "If a state member of the Union became under armed aggression on its territory, Member States of the Union must provide assistance and support by all available means in accordance with Article 51 of the Charter of the United Nations" .
We use all available means to qualify our employees adequately and correctly.
Mashal Zabin, on Monday, said the army will use all available means to eliminate any attempt targeting Jordan's safety and security.
I want to warn you that I will defend my family with all available means.
Mr Mody added: "We believe this is the only commercially available means of segmenting the ganglion cell layer and the inner plexiform layer.
The Ministry seeks to combating crimes with all available means in addition to serving civilians by facilitating procedures, the minister said.
He also affirmed the importance of this effort and the use of all available means to maintain the security and safety of Oman.
NNA - "Change and Reform" parliamentary bloc held on Tuesday in Rabieh its regular meeting during which MPs affirmed that they will adopt all available means to end the attempts to overthrow the Constitution.
Jordan will continue to confront, through all available means, Israeli unilateral policies and measures in Jerusalem and preserve its Muslim and Christian holy sites, until peace is restored to the land of peace", the king said in a speech.
He said all available means would be utilized to offset the designs of antistate elements.
TUNIS, (TAP) - Minister of Defence Ghazi Jeribi stressed the commitment to combat terrorism by all available means so as to prevent any attempt to derail the democratic experience in Tunisia.