available means

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Infadoos and the chiefs, however, were of opinion that no attack would take place that day, which would be devoted to preparation and to the removal of every available means of the moral effect produced upon the minds of the soldiery by the supposed magical darkening of the moon.
One of the available means of amusement, of which Phoebe made the most in Clifford's behalf, was that feathered society, the hens, a breed of whom, as we have already said, was an immemorial heirloom in the Pyncheon family.
My mother thought only of consoling my father, and paying our debts and retrenching our expenditure by every available means; but my father was completely overwhelmed by the calamity: health, strength, and spirits sank beneath the blow, and he never wholly recovered them.
That, suspicion and proof being two very different things, they had been advised by a lawyer, eminent for his sagacity and acuteness in such practice, to resist the proceedings taken on the other side for the recovery of the youth as slowly and artfully as possible, and meanwhile to beset Snawley (with whom it was clear the main falsehood must rest); to lead him, if possible, into contradictory and conflicting statements; to harass him by all available means; and so to practise on his fears, and regard for his own safety, as to induce him to divulge the whole scheme, and to give up his employer and whomsoever else he could implicate.
It underlined the right of this Arab country to regain its sovereignty over all its occupied territories through all available means pursuant to international resolutions in this regard.
Discussions also reportedly touched on the available means and tools that would enhance coordination and preparation of Lebanon's participation in relevant international conferences.
Through the signing, the ministry seeks to take advantage of all available means to address various environmental challenges with access to scientific research conducted by the academic sector inside and outside the sultanate.
"Violence is not acceptable and I'll be looking to utilise all available means."
Instead, they should use the available means in the justice system to prove their innocence.
The Cabinet renewed Yemen's official and popular position supporting the brotherly Palestinian people and their legitimate struggle to regain their land and establish their state by all available means. BA/M Saba
He accused Treasury of becoming an imperial institution out to kill devolution, adding that they will use all available means to block the implementation of the proposal.
"We as leaders wish to assure the county at large that we will use all available means to unite our people to coexist peacefully."