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As Avinash Persaud concludes, "[A]ny system in which market participants have the same tastes (to reduce risk and regulatory capital) and use the same information (publicly availably ratings, prices, and price-driven models) will lead banks to herd into and out of markets and will eventually cause systemic collapse" (2008, 32).
act on the basis of transparent and public availably procedures, applied without dirscrimination or delay; and 2.
The car park will offer park-finding technology that indicates availably car spaces, extra lighting, undercover walkway access to the terminal, CCTV cameras, parking for people with disabilities, 24-hour management, express entry/exit ramps and online booking.
Some of these drawbacks and compromises still could not be availably solved.
It is possible that not being able to farm or losing planned income affects the availably of monetary resources that could have been used to finance migration.
DBSCAN [2], density-based clustering not only availably avoids noises but also effectually clusters various datasets.
Researches show that suitable water management in corn farms and availably of water can increase yield and water use efficiency and corn silage and grain quality [7, 16].
The availably of portable medical equipment to diagnose a health issue inside or outside of the doctor's office or hospital is rapidly increasing.
Jagielka thinks Gary Speed's men should be higher up in the rankings, but are suffering from a lack of depth and availably of their top players.
It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani had issued directives to Ministry of Industries and production and other concern departments for the proper arrangement in order to ensure availably of the sugar in the market.
This will be an indication of what to expect regarding rates and space availably.