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Though I knew she could not be in camp, I searched every square inch of the compound and all the buildings, yet without avail.
Nor will all the qualities I have hitherto given my historian avail him, unless he have what is generally meant by a good heart, and be capable of feeling.
He has hitherto declined to avail himself of my assistance.
Bright condescended to avail himself of my literary experience by constituting me editor of the "Wonder-Book.
It also avails the students with opportunity to familiarize themselves with the available vacancies and training opportunities.
Thus, the disallowance of the wage deduction for regular taxable income applies as long as the taxpayer avails itself of the targeted jobs credit, regardless of whether the taxpayer falls under the Sec.
DPI RateLock(TM) works on a per-channel basis and is, therefore, as applicable to one avail as it is to multiple, simultaneous avails.
About 15% of total pre-roll video inventory and 75% of in-page/embedded avails under representation in 2005 are being powered by Flash, according to the report.
The research report, Streaming Video Avails 2000-2005: Inventory History and Growth By Site, includes a detailed chronicle of streaming video advertising initiatives and formats across the sites with streaming advertising in 2005, coupled with a multi-year streaming video usage and trend analysis for each site.
With an increase of $15 million in media avails in over 500 major newspapers nationwide it pushes the category total for January 2005 over $45 million.
OTCBB:XRYM), the media industry's leader in real-time negotiating technology, is pleased to announce that it has secured in-flight magazine print avails valued at $1,000,000.