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Beyond Given Knowledge: Investigation, Quest and Exploration in Modernism and the Avant-Gardes
When the Italian movement's founder, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, published his bombastic "The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism," Prometeo's editor, Ramon Gomez de la Serna, published his own translation of the avant-garde text, alongside a piece celebrating Marinetti--making Prometeo the first Spanish periodical to bring Italian Futurism to Spain.
Synopsis: "The Avant-garde Won't Give Up: Cobra and Its Legacy" is an impressively definitive study of the renowned postwar avant-garde artistic movement offers a comprehensive insight into Cobra's history and achievements, and explores its lasting influences on contemporary art.
24 April 2017 - Nevada, US-based diversified investment management company Turbo Global Partners (OTC: DIBZ), d/b/a/ as DBZ International, has acquired Florida, US-based niche video production companies Avant-Garde Productions, LLC and Zane Kuhle Studios, Inc.
The title reflects an active relationship: firstly through the experience of living in Moscow for many years plus a direct encounter with the buildings, architecture and the very territory in which the Russian Avant-garde arose and still exists today.
My understanding of the avant-garde draws from Peter Burger's theorization of the term and from Paul Mann's arguments about the importance of discursive intervention on the avant-garde.
Warden is acutely aware from the outset that the concept of "British avant-garde theatre" is not one that offers either a homogeneous model, or even discrete and defined--if only in manifesto form--groupings.
Bohn starts The Avant-garde Imperative with a short theoretical definition of the avant-garde movement and a critical commentary on Peter Burger's idea of the avant-garde as "an attack on the status of art in the bourgeois society" (49).
To do so he critiques at length not only Burger, in whom he rightly detects an anti-theatrical streak, but also the entire "Eulogist School of Avant-Garde Studies" (51), among whose members he counts Richard Schechner and David Savran.
The European Network for Avant-garde and Modernism Studies (EAM) came into being in 2006, setting for itself the goal of studying "the avant-garde and modernism in Europe within a global setting, throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries"; promoting "interdisciplinary and intermedial research on experimental aesthetics and poetics"; and encouraging "an interest in the cultural dimensions and contexts of the avant-garde and modernism.
With the publication of Novero's Antidiets, students and scholars now have an account of food in the history and the aesthetic practices and objects of some of Europe's key avant-garde movements and thinkers.
Italian Experimental Literature in the 1960s, the new-avant-garde was an experimental and controversial movement that was carried out through the 1960s--the label "new" was added to its name to differentiate it from the early twentieth-century avant-gardes.