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In that memorable struggle for superiority between the rival houses of AUSTRIA and BOURBON, which so long kept Europe in a flame, it is well known that the antipathies of the English against the French, seconding the ambition, or rather the avarice, of a favorite leader,[10] protracted the war beyond the limits marked out by sound policy, and for a considerable time in opposition to the views of the court.
He clutched it to his bosom in an ecstasy of avarice.
Nor was this all; for though by this job I was become considerably richer than before, yet the resolution I had formerly taken, of leaving off this horrid trade when I had gotten a little more, did not return, but I must still get farther, and more; and the avarice joined so with the success, that I had no more thought of coming to a timely alteration of life, though without it I could expect no safety, no tranquillity in the possession of what I had so wickedly gained; but a little more, and a little more, was the case still.
He was perfectly astonished with the historical account gave him of our affairs during the last century; protesting "it was only a heap of conspiracies, rebellions, murders, massacres, revolutions, banishments, the very worst effects that avarice, faction, hypocrisy, perfidiousness, cruelty, rage, madness, hatred, envy, lust, malice, and ambition, could produce."
The government should take deterrent measures to eliminate corruption and avarice. We should not think of making progress and development without first eliminating corruption.
Addressing newsmen on Thursday in Abuja, Convener of the group, Honourable Chris Onyemechara said having taken the position of the vice president, it would amount to avarice for the zone to still show interest in the leadership of the Green Chamber.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Remains 9 Olive 10 Noose 11 Uncanny 12 Net 13 Ethereal 16 Alastair 17 Bee 19 Undergo 21 Stoic 22 Lemon 23 Avarice. DOWN: 1 Ironing 2 Immortal 3 Tide 4 Sorcerer 5 Lion 6 Pepys 8 South Dakota 13 Enshrine 14 Ambrosia 15 Teacher 18 Build 20 Demo 21 Sear.
Their avarice cost the innocent their jobs and denied the people of Liverpool and elsewhere the healthcare they deserve.
Left as destitute orphans, the seeds of avarice are sown as Jacob vows to do anything to protect Clara.
This once serene and peaceful suburb of Karachi has fallen victim to the avarice of the builders' mafia, bringing many problems to residents.
And if America has an avatar for avarice, he is probably it.